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Windows Phone 8 vs Android 4.0: Who will win the market?

Windows Phone 8 vs Android 4.0

Usually we are intent on pitting Android against Apple in the OS arena, but Windows has proved itself worthy of the highest echelon of competition. With the news of Windows Phone 8 hitting the market like a storm, we are faced with argument which will fare better in the market: Windows Phone 8 or Android 4.0

The First Look: Homescreen

Windows 8 vs Android 4.0
Windows 8 vs Android 4.0

For Windows Phone 8, the Homescreen is filled with Microsoft’s homegrown Metro apps. The apps are in tile form, which you can resize (there are three available sizes), and extend from corner to corner. Android, on the other hand, has a more generous homescreen with resizable widgets that are much more flexible in terms of customization. However, unlike Windows Phone 8 that has integrated icons and widgets, Android 4.0 still interprets them differently. So, despite the aesthetic orderliness of Windows Phone 8, Android 4.0 wins this round by sheer diversity.

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What Lies Beneath: Software

Windows Phone 8 runs on NT instead of conventional Windows CE kernel, so developers will be able to develop better apps using native codes C and C++ along with SQLite and DirectX. Android runs on Linux kernel and its apps are written in Java which is not native. Although it supports native codes for some apps (but hardware difference can result in incompatibility), Windows Phone 8 is slightly better in this respect.

Windows Phone 8 vs Android 4.0- Media

Windows Phones were seriously lacking in this department with their staunch abstinence from micoSD support. However, Windows Phone 8 has made up for it by allowing media to be stored and apps to be installed in micoSD. Android has been honing its microSD support since its 2.2 edition, so it allows a smooth media and Google Play Store integration in it.

Windows Phone 8 vs Android 4.0- Apps

As mentioned earlier, Windows Phone 8 only supports Microsoft’s own Metro style apps. While the software company has tried to create variety, it will be long before it can catch up in volume with Android’s app store, Google Play. Just by letting third-party apps work on its platform, Android has cleared its path. But it is expected that after launch, more and more Metro apps will be created.

My Verdict

It is difficult to predict which OS the cumulative effect of the pros of cons will favor, but for Smartphone users who want a neat OS would pick Windows Phone 8, while those who like to populate their phones with latest apps will choose Android. So share your thoughts under comments which mobile OS do you think is going to rule the market- i leave the question unanswered. Over to you- Windows Phone 8 vs Android 4.0 ?

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