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Top 20 Reasons to Pick AngularJS Technology for Your Business

Information Technology is on a constant rise since decades. With this ever-rising demand, people too are updating themselves to compete with the technology needs.

The modern style of website design on a single page has been developed recently under the name of AngularJS. It’s maintained by Google and supported by a huge community of developers all around the globe. Within a due time, AngularJS has evolved as one of the favorite JavaScript frameworks among the developers of rich internet applications.

If you are planning to remodel or create a new website for your company, give a try to angularJS web applications. Below listed are the essential pros that make AngularJS an ultimate tool of top consideration.


Why opt AngularJS web application?

Address problems in the architecture

While working on the web applications, certain objects within the server-side many a times aren’t portrayed in the code of client-side. When the apps get complex, it is essential to look over these objects on either side.

AngularJS possess ng-resource to produce services that deal with REST APIs and travel back that object in JSON and assign methods to that object to evolve as a complete functional object. These varied methods are get(),save(), update(), that direct to REST API endpoints.

Thereby AngularJS is now efficient to supervise the models both on the client and the server side.

Better server performance

With the help of caching processes, AngularJS lessens the load from server CPUs, making the performance of the server speed-up and respond quickly to the API calls.

Smarter proficiency in lesser time

Pick out the best practices and quickly learn AngularJS just by opting for Mindmajix AngularJS Training. Knowing the in-depth knowledge on the subject helps a lot in building the career in AngularJS. Once you have developed the comfort to work on it, the development efforts and time decline to much extent.

Directives Usage

AngularJS uses best directives ensuring the scripts and HTMP pages well-maintained. This enables the creation of independent codes by placing the specific functions together. Along with pre-defined directives, frameworks also enable the creation of custom directives as well.

DOM manipulation

The angularJS uses the pattern of HTML. It can be expanded using directives which add the code information with the necessary behavior. These directives enable the coders to make their own HTML elements. Once the DOM manipulation code is put into the directives, it helps the coder to separate it from MVC.

Compared to other leading JavaScript frameworks, Angular readily benefit the developer of Document Object Model with its approach of two-way binding. This method helps the developer to save a lot of time put on coding, translating and updating DOM components.

Easy code pattern

The angularJS puts HTML as their prime structure for design. Thus coding becomes easy and light-weighted with definite end result.

Easy collaboration

Many working on object-oriented MVC software are familiar with the usage of models as the source of truth, making it a must pick for many web developers.

Creation of directives and dependency injection is making it easy to create sharable components among the developers. Many worth-noting projects have initiated for AngularJS directive bridge libraries to decorate the current elements with upcoming functionalities.  Angular also deals with its own UI companion suite.

Easy two-way data binding

AngularJS enables the ability of easier two-way data binding without any developer intervention.

Any alteration in the user interface, will influence the application objects. However, by using this method of data binding the changes are done to display instantly in the model.

Efficient User Experience

AngularJS can be regarded as top-notch in designing the visually appealing applications. AngularJS user interfaces carry a beauty within it.

Enhance the Software testability

AngularJS dependency injection makes it easy to test. AngularJS documentation comprises testing during each part of the tutorial, making testing very easy for every step.

Faster application prototyping

Instant prototyping acts vital to the presence of frameworks. It’s easy to structure app prototypes, obtain feedback and modify readily in lesser time, all with very minimal code.

Highly testable products

Angular builds highly testable apps and websites. It makes testing and debugging way simpler with the help of unit and end-to-end testing. Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor are some other ultimate testing tools offered by AngularJS.

Less Coding facility

AngularJS web application does not necessitate the coding as it creates its own MVC using the format of data binding. The coder just needs to write the directive and everything is controlled by the Filters on the view level without necessarily changing the controller.

Less Dependence on Coding

It is an open source structural framework with dynamic web application technology. The angularJS technology does not lie much on coding done previously. It is very much compatible with the browser that makes it unique in operating with any server technology. 


AngularJS uses POJO data model (Plain old JavaScript Objects). This model is easy to modify and easy to loop over other objects. By this way, the coding becomes clean and understandable by every developer.

Pre-defined services

AngularJS incorporates a variety of ready-made services making the job simple for the coder.

Responsive web

AngularJS;s quick responsive, instant-loading features enable seamless navigation of apps and websites resulting in amazing end-user experience.

Software result can be easily maintained

AngularJS uses the model as the source of truth, through which it assumes object oriented design on the client-side. This enables the same object-oriented design principles to make software more adaptable than procedural.

The MVVM architecture

AngularJS works on MVC and MVVM patterns laying foundations for application performance. These divisions segregate the data from design making even the complex applications easily manageable.


These days, URL acts as a distinct module for the pages termed as deep linking. AngularJS efficiently incorporates this feature and enables deep linking.

Final Thoughts

Try the innovative feature of AngularJS to have a better user experience for your web application. It is also the recommendable technology of the modern day one-page website.

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