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Top 10 Best Video Editing Software for Free Download

Fundamentally, video editing requires costly video editing tools, high performance graphics, large disk space and excellent video editing knowledge. Such a process is not only time- consuming but money consuming as well. After assessing the need of people, experts have designed various video editing tools that are not only easily to access but also economic enough as well. These software let the users to work within the browser to perform functions such as cutting and editing videos. A user can easily edit videos without even having much knowledge about video editing. Here are top 10 best video editing software that you can download for free:

Windows Movie Maker 2.6

Video Editing Software
Windows Movie Maker 2.6

Microsoft has come out with new version of Movie Maker 2.6 that runs easily on windows 7, windows 8 as well as vista. This excellent video editing software offers full featured option for uses to edit and cut the videos as they want. It includes many features such as auto movie, effects, titles, audio track, transitions and timeline narration. If you have knowledge about using XML code, you can even modify the effects using the existing ones. In addition, you can apply basic effects in audio tracks as well.

Virtual Dub

This video editing software is especially designed for supporting windows platforms supporting 32-bit and 64-bit. This software is basically streamlined for performing fast linear functions over the videos. This free video editing software not only allows you to edit the videos but you can even add effects on the edited videos. The batch-processing capabilities in this software allows you to process numbers of files altogether. This software has a tendency to read MPEG format and can even handle large sets of BMP images.


Blender is among the best video editing software present in the market today. This multi-use editing software allows the users to edit the videos, create 3D effects, add some special effects along with sound effects and the like. Users can even alter animated videos using this software. It supports major operating systems including Macintosh devices, Windows, Linux, and Free BSD. Its main function is to allow you in creating open source 3D videos. You can easily download this software that too free of cost.


This high performance video editing tool is very much flexible in carrying out video composition. Users can easily create the video sequence they desire for. In addition, users can add 2D and 3D special effects. This software allows the users to work on two modes: as a application that appeals directly for the users and secondly as a plug-in for professionals editors. This free of cost video editing software let you add special effects on the videos you wish to edit as per your choice.


Being one of the best 3D movies making tool, MovieStorm allows the users to make their own 3D movie with visual and audio effects. Whether you want to create a movie about cartoons, crime, music or horror, this is the perfect video editing software for you. The videos you create using this software not only entertains you but also make you experience a newer world of animations. This is possible only through its full featured 3D movie making ability which is as easy to use as playing a video game.

Video Spin

There are times when users look out for video editors that are easy to use, for them Video spin is the perfect tool. This free video editing tool does a good job in comparison to all others video editing tools. Ranging from basic editing tools to addition of special effects, this software is capable enough in performing every function. Users, who opt to create an easy video clip which includes visual as well as sound effects with background music, choose Video Spin over all other video editing tools.

AVI Trimmer

This free video editing tool allows the users to edit the videos quicker than any other tools. This open source AVI editor is handy, smart and easy to access without any kind of difficulty. This software supports every kind of AVI files be it any size or content. No encoding or decoding process is required in running this software. In fact, user faces no degradation in terms of video or audio effects. Videos do not go out of sync. In short, without any quality loss, you can create a good video in AVI format through this software.


This video editing software allows you to edit video files and audio files. This software let the user to switch video and audio files among all other formats and gadgets such as iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry and other devices. Users can even transfer those videos into DVD and CD. Moreover, all the video soundtracks to MP3 format, Flash Format and the like. There are many inbuilt applications within the software that can be used to burn DVDs and CDs.

Zwei-Stein Video Editor

This non-linear video composition tool offers many advanced features to the users which are usually unavailable in other video editing tools. In one go, user can edit about 256 videos, image clips and audio clips that too with over 64 effects. The automatic key frames allow you to crop slam and customize effects on the videos. The open source interface of this software is really effective enough and delivers the outputs that you may wish for. You can get the latest version of Zwei- Stein Video editor- Zwei-Stein Video Editor 3.01

DVD Knife

DVD Knife is among the simplest video editing tools that are basically used for digging out DVD clips from the devices. The clips you create or edit are saved in VOB format automatically. This is fastest tool when it comes to the extraction of long VOB clips that too within few seconds. You just need to perform three steps to accomplish the task: “Press Start”, then “Select End” following up to “Save” tab. This software is easily compatible with windows.

Which do you think is the best Video Editing Software

There is plethora of video editing software that you can choose from for editing or customizing videos with sound effects. You can download these software easily that too without incurring any cost. All these software are compatible enough with Windows. Feel free to download any of these video editing software and experience a world where you can edit videos faster than before. If you have already used any of these software, feel free to share with us. Comment below your views on which do you think is the best video editing software.

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