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OLX India Classifieds: Latest TV campaigns

OLX India is free classified ad posting site, where the people are able to post ads and avail services absolutely. The classified ad posting site incorporates large number of classified services starting from trading to discussing, and even organizing and meeting people. Lately the website has earned the reputation as a handy place where the buyers can meet the sellers and trade their goods and services, without having to pay any charge to brokers or third party concerns. The OLX India Classifieds have also presented the marketing community with ideas that are based on the theme of the concern. Over time the classified ad posting site has launched thematic TV campaigns that exclusively featured the fundamental theme of the classified concern. The first TV campaign that featured the “Sab kuch bikta hai” theme of the website was an appropriate symbolization of the concept of the classified ad posting site.


Here the themes are presented in a humorous mannerism that reflects the prime purpose of disposing of the unused items in the households through OLX. This also presented the community with an unique message that they are no longer required to resort to brokers and third party concerns in order to sell off the things that they no longer use. Instead they can post free classified ads on OLX and deal with the interested buyers in their own perspectives. The ad further justified as most of the commonly used products like cell phones, bikes, cars, home appliances and many more objects related to the day to day use could be sold over, provided the object is in the condition of selling.

Recently the classified ad posting site OLX has launched another enthralling TV campaign. The TV campaign is typically based on another humoring storyline and is typically representing another characteristic theme, oriented towards the prime purpose of the classified online ad posting site. The ad depicts a typical Indian household constituting a man and his wife. The story takes of with the husband sitting on the couch in the lawn and reading a newspaper, the husband is shown to be wearing typically casual summer outfit. The wife shows up with the morning coffee/tea shivering, she is wrapped in a shawl and typically depicting a condition rather noticed in the chilly winters or in hill stations. The husband throws back an astound look and the wife exclaims about the chill here in Shimla. The husband corrects her by saying that they are nowhere near Shimla and they were right in their home, which is in Delhi. However, the wife starts to tease by saying that her husband is mistaking Shimla to be Delhi and they have just arrived at Shimla on that very day itself. More astound glances are thrown by the husband. Here the wife starts relating reminiscences of the promises that her husband made to her, when he purchased a bike. He apparently promised a lot of things, among them the prominent one was to go to Shimla on bike. The ad apparently show that the bike was purchased however the man was never able to take it and his wife out on it for long drives let alone go to Shimla. The husband then demands for an implication on what he should be doing with the bike and hastily inquires if he should through it away. The wife unswervingly suggests by saying “OLX pe bech de”.

The later part shows the husband posting a classified ad on OLX and getting a direct buyer instantly and finally selling the thing of. This TV campaign successfully promotes the message that if you really have no use of an item residing in your household or lifestyle inventory, you can simply sell it of at OLX, justifying the thematic ad “OLX pe bech de”.

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