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Offsite Document Storage: What are the Benefits?

In this day and age, most things in business tend to be done online. The internet has definitely made things a lot easier for companies in terms of research, communication and advertising.

However, there’s one thing that companies still have to do the old fashioned way and that’s storing documents.

What to keep?

There are certain documents you may need to keep for a set time period. For example, the law states that businesses need to keep VAT tax records for a minimum of six years. You may also need to store documents because they are valuable to your business.

Offline Document Storage

Whatever the reason for storing the documents, they physically take up space on your business premises which can become a problem. That is why many companies turn to third party document storage solutions.

Why choose offsite storage?

There are a number of benefits to keeping your documents stored somewhere other than your business premises.

The most obvious benefit is the fact the files won’t get in your way. The larger your company, the more files you’ll have so it simply might not be viable to store them all in your company building.

Offsite storage, such as that found at can really help to keep the files from under your feet. Other benefits

  • Additional security
  • Creates a better environment
  • Easy to find when needed

The additional security is a major benefit. All offsite archive storage companies need to make sure they provide maximum security. The documents they are storing are extremely confidential, which means they need to meet certain legal requirements. Most companies have CCTV and even security guards to ensure nobody gets to the files unless they’re authorised to.

With the files are out of the office, it can also help to create a better working environment. The less cluttered a working space is, the more productive you and your employees are likely to be.

There’s also the fact your documents will be stored efficiently and logged to keep track of them. That means if you ever need to look something up, the files will be easy to find because the company will have bar coded them.

When you have to record and file away documents by yourself, it can take up a lot of time. Having another company do it for you frees up that time so you can spend it on more important business tasks. These are just some of the main benefits associated with offsite storage. It definitely makes sense to look into it if you haven’t already!


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