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Now Finding PG Became Easier with

Opting for a Paying Guest has always been an economical option to pursue with instead of rented apartment especially for those who are relocating to a city for the first time. Along with the furnished accommodation, the meals are also ensured in PG as well as the safety factor. Moreover, one may curtail the initial hefty expenses of brokerage and the deposit money required for rented accommodation. Well, but it would have been a real challenge for the people who are planning to shift to a city and shortlist the PG accommodation beforehand, if has not come up with their user – intuitive portal to modify the search for PG apartment and simplify the process like child’s play.

Detailed-Listing-ViewOh yes… I am doodling from my own experience. I searched for PG in Gurgaon when my cousin sister had a bagged internship in one of her dream companies’  headquartered in Gurgaon and accommodation was the immediate concern which crossed our mind, but fortunately we came across the portal. Though there are other online platforms, providing information about PGs, but all were in vain and came to us as a savior

User – Intuitive Interface

After navigating to the landing page, all we need to do is select PG/Hostel option from the grid list and enter the city name, e.g. If you are looking for PG in Gurgaonall you need to select PG and enter Gurgaon in the search bar and you navigate to the result page, featuring list view on the left and map view on your right.

Verified listings and Photos provide a better understanding and view

This is one feature which eased our PG search process. Perhaps the first website featuring the verified listings along with photographs along with the required details, including life style rating and the amenities available. Selecting a PG option from the list opens a pop – up window with photographs and all the properties are verified by the team of pro – active members, who basically visit the property and scrutinize it

Ratings & Filters

The lifestyle ratings provide you with the insight of the available facilities nearby like ATM, petrol pump etc. This gives an idea of the location where you are planning your PG accommodation. The filters provide you the option to streamline your search and locate accommodations as per your taste and preferences. Since my cousin is a socially very active, her preference encompasses around shopping malls, café, restaurants, etc., and with the search process got really simplified

You can never go wrong with lat – long details

The location details (latitude and longitude) of all the PG/Hostels are plotted on the map along with the commutation option. This not only convenient to locate the position of the property, but also guides you to reach the place properly.

The portal provides the details of the landlord as well as the agents with their authentic contact number. Your chosen properties can be shortlisted in a single click for future references.

With all the power – packed features, has been successful to address the concern of my family. We have been successful in shortlisting and finalizing a PG accommodation for my cousin and got it approved from the elders too with the aesthetic visual aspect of the website. They also have an android app with same features to assist people in their quest of the accommodation in 26 different cities as well as a hot – line number 03-333-333-333.

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