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Nokia Lumia 625 – Pricing, Features and Specifications

Nokia Lumia series have become hugely successful amongst the smart series users. That’s because the phone holds the brand name of Nokia which has time and again proved to be a very reliable, consistent and user-friendly phone plus the new updated version of the Lumia series have lot in store to attract the attention of the users.  This Lumia series phone can be easily affordable within a budget of 20,000 INR and has lot of specifications to look forward to.  So, let us review the over-all performance of the newly launched Nokia Lumia 625 and come to this conclusion whether it’s worth buying for or not.

Exciting Features to Look Forward to in Nokia Lumia 625

Mobile Phone Display


Display of the phone is the first thing that catches the attention of the users and nokia lumia 625 has a display size of around 4.7’’ along with that the smooth IPS LCD screen to have great visibility while using it. The mobile is designed to give a super sensitive touch feel and it has a slimmer design then the previously modeled Lumia 620. This phone weighs around 159 grams. The phone is available in vibrant colors like yellow, orange, bright green and white. The phone has a matte finish on the rear cover which makes it less prone to scratches and holds a decent pace while using it.

Advanced Audio-Video Output

The phone is almost a boon to regular music and movie watchers on phones. The Dolby enhancement of the phone makes the audio level loud and at the same time crisp and clear. The designers have specifically taken care of the nitty-gritty surrounding the sound element of the phone. The phone also has an interesting feature like ‘your subscription’ which allows the user to stream his/her favourite movie for free. Video recording is available in full HD.

Long Surviving Battery

Lumia 625 has 2,000 mAh battery, whose full charge power back up can last for as long as a day. Imagine, listening to endless music on the phone, watching film, browsing or working and no-need to worry about charging the battery? Nokia Lumia 625 makes this possible.  This could be arguably the greatest strength of this phone.


The phone has a 5 Mega Pixel of Camera. Enough to get your mood enlightened with a picture. The camera comes with LED Flash and other options to immediately edit the picture and upload it online. This makes Lumia 625, a full on, entertainment modeled phone.

Upgraded Processors

Dual-Core 1.2 GHz. Advanced level processor with the option of expandable memory.


The phone comes with the latest 4G connectivity which gives the user the fastest access to internet, live streaming of videos, downloads and many more options.


15000 INR

Clearly, enough NOKIA LUMIA 625 wins attention of the user for these factors but the main purpose of this phone is to entertain the mass, that’s why the makers have come up with all the advanced mode of entertainment in this phone. If entertainment is your sole aim for buying the phone, this is perhaps the best choice.

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