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Making free calls online? That’s seems to be an unbelievable demand to ask for, but now with the progression of technology and internet it is believable. Application owners have developed new software’s where the users can enjoy free calls online using your PC and also participate in whole lot of activities that can increase your communication with a distant person without having to shell out a single penny for the phone call done through PC.

Now you must be struck with the idea of how cans it function?  How can you make free calls from PC? We will brief you with all that in easy capacity.

How to make free calls online?

Free calls can be easily made by first installing the respective software that allows you to enjoy free calls online using your PC. Some of the software’s are listed below about which you should have basic information before installing them.



SKYPE is famous free calling software that allows the user to make calls from one pc to another. With SKYPE, it’s necessary to register and create a Skype account to have access to it. After successful installation and registration of the Skype account, users can add their friends and family members who are on skype to enjoy free video call and other exciting features like sending and receiving of data, videos, images and many more.


Google Voice makes possible the use of free phone calls from PC to phones, free PC to PC calls and many more. It can also serve as a great task master for managing the phone numbers and it can be wisely used to route incoming calls to the free phone number provided by google voice to any other phone the user want to talk to.

However, free phone calls to google voice are limited to three hours only. But unlimited calls can be made using the same number over and over again.


Enjoy free calls online using your PC with ICALL. Free calls made to the user but its accessibility is restricted only to the US and Canada meaning that the free calls can be enjoyed only if you are residing in the US or Canada. The free call made with iCALL also has a limited timing. It can be a good choice for the user who wants to make free calls for a limited period of time.

All the above mentioned free calling software are now available in many other formats. They have their similar version on android phones, iPhones and apple products. So there’s no problem in downloading and using it in different formats. Please note that emergency numbers like 911 cannot be connected through these software’s. Such emergency calls can be made through traditional landline phones only.

But one can have the pleasure of without having to pay for communicating in these software. It enhances the communication by also acting as a similar chat messenger like SKYPE.

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