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IrfanView Software Review

IrfanView is one of the most popular and oldest image editors available online freely to the users. This is the most flexible, small sized, fast and most compatible image viewing software available to the users.

Simple Installation Wizard

You don’t need to be any technical person to install this software as the package can be installed very easily and quickly. The whole process is very comprehensive where you have the options to select which all kinds of files should be opened by this software. After installation you will get two shortcuts of the IrfanView software on the desktop, one where you can open the software program and other will access the entire image file in the folder specified by you and show it in thumbnails

Ease to Use

IrfanView software became so popular among the users because of the simplicity to use and learn. It has many options to go through with but they are so easy to understand and use. It has features like TWAIN support, crop or resize the image and best part of the software is that it can easily play videos and music. Users are more attracted to this software because it supports huge range of files.

View of Software

The main window of the IrfanView software is very plain and simple with a toolbar. As the image is opened in the main window, it provides huge number of choices, options, and tools to change the settings of the image or to make any modifications to the image. There are options like to resize, correct color, sharp and create negative of the images. Many of the users do not know that once a image is rotated the quality of the image goes down, but IrfanView has unique feature that helps to retain the quality even if the image is rotated many times.

Best for Beginners

The software may have plenty of options or choices to play with the image and edit it according to your desire, but this does not mean that a person not having knowledge about editing cannot work on this software package. The whole package is so easy to use that even first time user also will find it very simple and interesting to use. Now, if you want to give good background or some nice special effects to your picture then it can be achieved using a simple wizard. The software comes with a manual that makes it easier to use.


The IrfanView software is there in the market from a long time and has become so popular because apart from the useful options the software is very lightweight, which means that it will not take much space of your hard-disk and not much of your processor’s memory. The software will load fast and works very smoothly.


It is free of cost.

It is very small and fast software.

It can operate on many number of file formats.


The interface is simple but looks outdated.

The undo Level is not perfect.


As a very lightweight software with so many features that supports all sorts of image and can be used to fill special effects or edit the images. It is the best software package available free of cost. The software can do many jobs very easily and can play the music also.

Download Link : Download Now.

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