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Five Best Appliances for Fitness Tracking

Five Best Appliances for Fitness Tracking

Are you health conscious and want to know about the various appliances for fitness, then your search ends here. There are a number of applications which can keep a track your fitness. They can help you know whether you are actually reaching the goals you set for yourself or you need to put in more hard work. Keeping a track of your activities will help you improve. We have listed the best appliances for fitness tracking.


Nike+Fuelband is one of the best fitness tracking appliances. You can simply wear this bracelet on your wrist and get to know how much steps you have walked, the calories you have burned so far etc. You can collect all the information and keep a track of it on your iPhone or your computers. Set goals, keep a track of your progress and receive feedbacks through this easy to use device. You also have an option called ‘mood tracker‘ in this device. You are also given an option to share the progress on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


FitBit is one of the best appliances for fitness tracking. FitBit is a small clip which you can attach to your sleeve, pockets etc. It keeps a track of activities such as steps taken by you, stairs you climbed, calories you burned along with the amount of sleep you get and the number of times you turn or toss at night. All the information collected by the device is stored in the webapp of FitBit.  The webapp can also be used to track diet and meals. This device will certainly help you to keep it healthy.


Fitness appliances
BodyMediaFit- Fitness appliances

Armband is another appliances for fitness tracking. Wrap it around your upper arm and keep a track of the calories which you burn, your activity for the day and you sleep pattern and quality. The device sends all the data to a webapp. You need to subscribe to the webapp ‘BodyMedia’ to access it. You may also sync the device for mobile applications mobile applications for Android and iOS. The armband when combined with BodyMedia diet planner and meal is a great way to keep you healthy.  Various kinds of arm bands are available for you to choose from according to the features you prefer.


Striv is another appliances for fitness tracking you can go forThis device is sort of a touch screen pedometer. You will find a number of mini applications which are built in. These apps push you to walk often, Keep an eye on the progress with the help of the device itself or the webapp, share the progress you make with your friends and be a part of charity walks.

Your Smartphone

Your iPhone along with several appliances can be a very good device to keep a track of your fitness. Place the iPhone in your pocket while you work out and your activity along with your movement and speed will be tracked. Your iPhone can be your very own personal trainer

I hope you have got your information on the best appliances for fitness tracking.

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