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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is an Outstanding Game, and We’re Ready for a Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV took the world by storm when it was unveiled in 2016, shattering records and winning numerous awards from gaming publications. Given this overwhelming success, it wasn’t surprising that a mobile version of the game was announced to broaden the Final Fantasy realm even further.

Developed by Machine Zone’s Epic Action in conjunction with Square Enix, A New Empire combines the familiar world of Final Fantasy XV with the usual resource gathering gameplay of modern strategy games, to result in a very impressive spinoff of the original title.


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile online multiplayer game that features strategic base-building elements similar to Game of War: Fire Age.

The game puts players in charge of expanding their empire by collecting resources and constructing buildings and defenses, which allow them to fend off invading armies and conquer other empires themselves.

With so many structures and menus to navigate, A New Empire can be challenging for new gamers. That’s when you need a guide to final fantasy 15, such as this one, to point you in the right direction.

Completing Quests and Upgrading

Right at the start, you’ll already have a vast kingdom at your fingertips. The key to upgrading fast is to complete everything the game asks you to do, particularly the recommended quests. You can deviate from the main script if you so wish, and sometimes that can be a quicker way to beef up your empire. Turn on the upgrade arrows in your options menu so that an arrow appears next to a structure when its upgrade is available.

Joining a Guild

Quite a chunk of the game centers around being in a guild. The benefits of aligning with a guild include a 100-Gold joining bonus, free speed-up boosts for your quest timers, gifts from fellow guild members and loyalty points when you aid your allies, among others. When you’re ready to commit to a guild, move your empire closer to other members for better teamwork capabilities and troop-trading.


In A New Empire, training your troops is all about balancing quality and quantity. That means training as many and as much variety of them as possible. Sticking to one or two types of fighters is a sure way of losing a battle.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Training Grounds whenever you can. A better ground will boost up your Training Queue and quicken the training speed.

Becoming a VIP

When you get enough loyalty points, you can spend them on a VIP Subscription activation. VIP status gets you better quests with even greater rewards, including faster construction speeds and food protection.

Collecting rewards

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is all about managing resources and growing your empire, but you don’t have to collect your rewards immediately after a quest. Unless you want to have resources lying around that other players can steal, a better strategy is to wait until you get attacked and need to rebuild, or when you want to do mass upgrading or troop training. That way, you won’t have resources in your stockpile when an enemy player invades.


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire answers the prayers of many mobile gamers who had long been itching for a proper RTS game. It is a thrilling multiplayer experience that will keep you and your friends engrossed for quite a while.

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