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Have a lot of technological know-how but don’t know how to share it? Have a blog that isn’t getting enough attention? Look no further; now you can share your love of cutting-edge Gadgets with a wider audience with Technoinsta. Guest blog for us and have hundreds of gadget enthusiasts like you swarm your posts and visit your blog.

‘What’s in it for me?’

There is no detour to fame, but in blogging, there are some shortcuts. If your blog has plenty of backlinks, you are sure to get in search engines’ good books. If you guest post at Technoinsta, you will be able to add your blog’s link with it. This will automatically direct more traffic your way. Having been in the technological blogging turf for some time now, Technoinsta is also going to give your blog and your brand more exposure.

‘What should I write about?’

Pick a topic and write about it- it’s that easy! Posts on or related to the following topics are encouraged

How to Write a Guest Post

We do not like to impose specific formats, so you can go absolutely freestyle with your article. But it is recommended that you avoid long paragraphs and use one or two relevant images. The posts must be at least 600 words long and unique. As is the golden rule of blogging, the post should be SEO-friendly, well researched and engaging. You can take a look at the posts to get a good idea of the quality of content of Technoinsta. Add your Author Bio to your article where you can add one link. Once you have perfected the article, send it to (technoinsta [@] gmail dot com) in .doc format.

All your articles will have a dofollow link for the first 3 months and then we will change it to nofollow.

Guidelines to follow

  • The originality of content is paramount at Technoinsta, so if even a fragment of duplicate content is detected, the post will immediately be deleted.
  • Linking is not allowed in the articles, so the inclusion of affiliate sponsored links or otherwise will result in rejection of the post. If the link attached in the Author Bio leads to banned sites, adult sites or malware infected sites, your article will not be posted either.
  • Copyrighted images, banners, icons or logos are not allowed in posts. If you use an image, which is recommended, acknowledge the source. The inclusion of NSFW images will result in dismissal of the post.
  • The quality of post is important for us, so we will not accept any erroneous or unprofessionally written posts. Articles must also meet the minimum word limit criterion.
  • Author Bio must be genuine. Articles using a fake name or providing false information in this section will not be published.
  • Once your article is posted, you have to respond to all the comments regularly.
  • Your post, once published, is Technoinsta’s intellectual property and you cannot re-publish it anywhere else

So, wait no more and start sending in your articles. Have fun writing and we look forward to having your posts up in our site soon!