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Windows Phone 8 officially unveiled : Microsoft’s Announcement

Windows Phone 8 officially unveiled : Microsoft’s Announcement

In the cutthroat competition that is the software and operating system market, Microsoft seems to be always one step ahead. As companies topple over each other, churning out newer and better OS tablets or laptops, Microsoft has risen one extra rung of the ladder and launched Windows Phone 8 which primarily serves mobile phones. Let’s take a look at few of the numerous features that sets it one notch higher than the rest.

The Core

Windows Phone-8 unveiled
Windows Phone-8 unveiled

The most noticeable change in Windows Phone 8 is that it shares the same kernel, media foundation, device drivers and bits of the security model with Windows 8. All of this technical jargon adds up to a simple fact: Windows Phone 8, unlike its mobile predecessors, will be able to support multi-core (theoretically, as revolutionary as 64 cores!) processors, external storage with microSD cards and several other features that will boost information technology. It will support WVGA, WXGA and 720p resolutions with aspect ratios 15:9 and 16:9.

User Interface

Windows Phone 8

The Start screen has undergone a lot of visible changes. First off, live tiles come in three sizes- small, medium and large, unlike that in Windows Phone 7 which does not have small live tiles. As a result there is increase in virtual space in your start screen, so you can populate it some more. Along the right size of the Start screen, there will be tiles too, filling with whole screen. Microsoft’s first party apps will by default assume small tiles while third party apps will be assigned smaller tiles automatically. Windows 8’s Metro logo will be adopted for Windows Phone 8 devices too.

Ideal for Business and Enterprise

windows phone 8 unveiled
windows phone 8: Microsoft’s Official announcement

Windows Phone 8 has taken to heart Google’s NFC feature and Apple’s Passbook and come up with something uniquely Microsoft- a new Wallet hub that supports NFC and stores credit card, member cards and even flier card information. Finally Microsoft has grasped the importance of businessmen and entrepreneurs in shaping the OS industry because Windows Phone 8 has several features catering to them. Reportedly, there will be on-device encryption, additional support for management device, line-of-business software and several business-related apps.

Sadly, Windows phone users will not be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 because of major changes in the operating systems. But if you are really intent on keeping up with latest mobile technology, buying a Windows Phone 8 is an ideal choice.


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