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Why Are Anti-Kidnap Devices Required?

Risk comes hand in hand with wealth and power. Individuals of high net worth and the family members of wealthy people are the potential targets of kidnappers. Driven by money and lack of conscience, a kidnapper devices many shrewd tactics to follow their targets. A slight error in judgement and a little lax of awareness may cause the targets to become victims of kidnapping. Individuals in the UK and the USA are at more risk of being kidnapped than others. Thus, every organization outsources from a  Risk Management Company to get the best executive protective for its employees. The executives who are more prone to risk are generally traveling consultants and high ranking officials. Thus better protection schemes have to be undertaken for them and their families. One excellent tech device provided by a Risk Management Organisation is the Anti-Kidnap Device.

The Principle Of Operation Of Anti-Kidnap Devices

GPS has revolutionized modern tracking methodologies and has replaced every other technology as far as tracking and direction pointing are concerned. This is thus being used as the principle concept for the making of anti-kidnap devices. The Global Positioning System can be used to transmit signals from the devices to the central organization in case a kidnapping occurs. These signals, when received, can be used to track down the individual who is kidnapped. Then appropriate rescue measures can be taken by the organization.

You may need training underbusiness and corporate travel training program to know how to use and operate an anti kidnapping device.

Designing Of Anti-Kidnap Devices

The principle of operation of GPS is the core of designing anti-kidnap devices. Activating the GPS to transmit signals is the main objective when the application of this device is concerned. Thus the devices usually have a “panic button” or programmed sensory chips to do this. A kidnapped victim can activate the system without much hassle. Then via the GPS, signals are known as “distress signals” are sent to the central organization. These signals are then recognized and the necessary steps are taken thereafter.

Points To Be Kept In Mind While Designing Anti-Kidnap Devices

Anti-Kidnap devices are to be designed in a way that hoodwinks the kidnapper. Thus the following points need to be kept in mind while:

  • The device has to be small and handy. It can be like a wristband, a watch installed with anti-kidnap system or mobile phone installed with the anti-kidnap system.
  • It should not make any noise. While activating the GPS system, no triggering should cause a sound signal to be emitted. This may alert the kidnapper and lead the victim to be unable to track down.
  • There should be constant monitoring of distress signals. Also, after the anti-kidnap system is designed it should be tested properly. It should not be so that an individual is in danger due to lack of signal reception.
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