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What to Expect with Cell Phone Signal Boosters

People are mobile creatures. They talk, text, surf the internet, play games, send documents, and take photos on the go. With a mobile lifestyle, nothing is more important than a strong cellular service. When the service gets spotty, dropped calls, slow internet, and having trouble connecting are common problems.

There are some ways to remedy these problems. One of them is to get signal boosters at home. These devices help in improving weak signals. Different cell phone signal boosters have their pros and cons.

Boosters have specific functions, and they are not the be-all and end-all solution to connectivity problems. Knowing what signal boosters can do will help in making a decision to get one.

What Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are

Cell phone signal boosters increase the strength of the cell signal in an area. If the area has no existing cell phone signal, signal boosters will not work. There is no way to amplify something that doesn’t exist, after all. These devices capture cell phone signal from outside and repeat (and boost) that signal inside a home, office, car, truck or any other location.


It will help in amplifying 3G and 4G LTE networks from major carriers. This will result in lesser to no instances of dropped calls, improved data speeds, support of multiple users, clearer call quality, no recurring fees, and even the extension cell phone battery life.

Coverage Area

A cell phone signal booster kit can be customized to work in an area of up to five thousand square feet. However, there are many variables that can affect the coverage area of a booster system. A strong cell phone signal booster kit can do the following:

  • Cover up to five thousand square feet inside for an existing strong five-bar outside signal
  • Cover up to four thousand square feet inside for an existing three- to four-bar (90 dB) outside signal
  • Cover up to five hundred square feet inside for an existing one- to two-bar (100dB) outside signal

Supported Carriers

Most cell phone signal booster kits will support virtually all carriers. Most booster kits are custom-made to support major carriers in certain areas. Some booster kits support 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks in the United States and Canada. Others will only work for European, Asian, or African carriers. However, technicians can help tweak the booster kits to enable them to support carriers from other countries.

Kit Contents

Most kits include everything needed to install the booster kits. Some accessories, however, need to be purchased separately, like the lightning protector kit (for thunderstorms and lighting protection).


Cell phone signal booster kits come with an installation and direction manual. Anyone can install the kit by following the instructions. However, for safety reasons, it is advised to ask help from an electronics installer or other professionals in setting up the booster kit in your home, office, or car.

For issues, clarifications, and questions about the installation process of the cell phone signal booster kit, every manual includes “Contact Us” information.

A Sound Investment

Cell phone signal boosters will boost the mobile connectivity in a business and a home. They provide convenience and are worth their price. It is important to remember, though, to buy signal booster kits that are from trusted manufacturers and sellers only.

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