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Top Free iOS Apps of 2013

2012 gave us some amazing iOS apps and 2013 is all set to bring in even more fun and useful ones. Free apps are always welcome by users as there is no need to spend cash on them to be downloaded. The best part is that apart from being free, they are fun. Users can spend hours on them and have fun with their iOS devices.

best iPhone apps

Here is a list of the top free iOS apps that are predicted to be huge in the year 2013:

Yes! Diary

Yes! Diary is an app that allows users to maintain a diary on their device. The moments that they cherish can be saved so that they always a have a reminder of them. It is a tool that is loved by users as it makes it easy to keep a record of all the fun things that they have done or places that they have seen. The Yes! Diary app is super-cool and is bound to take off in a big way.

Yes Diary for iOS

Amazing Ants

Amazing Ants is a super-fun free app that users love. You can while away hours playing this game. The game is all about helping ants on their quest for food. It can be downloaded for free and users who have tried it are raving about it as it is so much fun to play.

Amazing Ants for iOS

The Blockheads

The Blockheads app by Majic Jungle Software is a hit with many users of iOS devices. It is a fun game to play. Many users who are not avid game players have raved about it as they have spent hours playing this game on their phones. It is all about exploring, mining and crafting items to gain points.

The Blockheads for iOS

Clash of Clans

This free iOS app is a game in which you need to strategize and go into combat. It is addictive as it is so much fun. You create clans with other players and defeat your enemies together. Being a free app, it is no wonder that many users are downloading it as soon as they hear about it. It is definitely worth giving a try!

Clash of Cans for iOS

Blueprint 3D

Blueprint 3D is one for those who love puzzles. It is a 3D motion puzzle game that will leave engrossed for hours on end. You can even create your own puzzle for friends and family. It can be confusing for some but for those who like a little challenge, this is the game for you!

Blueprint 3D for iOS

So if you have not downloaded any of these apps, go for it now. Amazing Ants for iOS was downloaded million times within a week. If you think I have missed any good free iOS app, feel free to share with us under comments.

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