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Top 9 Multi-Devices Movie Apps

Breaking out of tedium while on the move is extremely important. So is the need for watching entertaining movies when the urge hits you. Why should you wait for a convenient time to go film gazing? The quality movie apps make it possible to view your favorites while you remain connected. Here are some of the best apps that you can utilize to watch the films, all good, bad and ugly. Take your pick!

Top 9 Multi-Devices Movie Apps

  1. Cinema Box– This app heads directly to the very top of the list, it is that great. Not only, is it accessible on Android and iOS but it comes with a few additional features such as the offline mode, ‘Chrome cast bolster’, and “subtitle support”. The only downside of this app is its non-availability at Play Stores / iOS Store. You need to do a Cinema Box download in order to use it via your mobile phone.
  2. Bobby Movie Box– Deemed to be a really cool movie app for iOS customers, this iPhone compatible device comes with a user-friendly interface that makes use of cutting edge technology. So go ahead and watch the movies in glorious HD as much as you want. No worries! The movie lineup is updated frequently giving you a magical experience. You can get it at an App Store or head to an authorized website in order to download it.
  3. Flipps HD– Watching the movies crazily isn’t the sole attraction of this app either. You can choose to listen to lilting music at the same time via your Android Phone or use your giant screen TV for a life like an experience.
  4. MegaBox HD– A Show Box look alike, this app is recommended for users who want to have a small app that will not take up too much space on their Android device. You will not only be able to stream movies directly to your cell phone but select the quality too as it offers both 360p and 720p versions.
  5. Most up to date Movie HD- No membership needed! This is a huge plus point for this particular movie app to date. While you are free to download the films onto your Android phone. It is very basic in features albeit providing an opportunity to stream multiple movies of diverse qualities.
  6. ViewSter- You simply cannot resist giving a thumbs up to this versatile movie app that allows you to stream the movies and TV shows/series with élan. Totally compatible with Chromcast, and no joining compulsion it gives you a good run for the money with its amazing quality.
  7. ShowBox– This happens to be exceedingly easy to understand and will be able to fulfill your pangs for movies and TV shows relentlessly. Streaming from outside resources are also permissible and there are absolutely no complaints with the quality either. In fact, you can enhance your movie viewing experience by opting for 1080p HD quality, if your Android device is of the best quality too.
  8. Hubi– While streaming online films and TV shows is becoming commonplace, this app lets you view and download as well as record in advance as well thus consolidating its position as a ‘must have’ app list. The process of downloading is speedier too as the app provides you with the source server links.
  9. Crackle– Download and watch, the process is that simple without any kind of complexity involved once you choose this movie app for your phone. The easy to explore interface will make your TV and movie viewing experience a breeze and you can also choose your big TV to watch it for an invigorating experience.

It makes sense to remain engrossed within yourself once you have a quality movie app on your Android phone.

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