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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Windows Crash

Windows actually used a collective term including all the Microsoft operating system creation.  From the very day of creation till date, there has been several versions of computer Windows that have been launched. All these are the upshot of the rapid technological growth. But as the new technology came it brought about complications as well. The new versions of the computer Windows offer some great features but it has some difficulties and shortcomings as well. Most of the times people face the problem of crashing of Windows and there are a multiple reasons behind it. Let us have a look at those.

Bad Memory

Window crashes

The memory of a computer is actually regulated with random access memory or RAM. This is one of the main features of computer Windows. A bad RAM often leads to crash of Windows. If the RAM of the computer does not work properly or crash the computer screen becomes blue that is called death screen along with a memorandum notifying “Fatal Expectation Error”.

There can be a variety of reasons behind the memory crash. If the chip that is used in the computer does not match with RAM the problem occurs.  There is another term relate to hurtle of RAM and that is “Parity error”.  Whenever using a RAM people are always suggested not to touch the golden part of the RAM as it may lead to a damage of the RAM and thereafter crash of Windows.

Hardware divergence

Hardware is like the heart of any computer operating system and most of the times the computer Windows clash due to the divergence of the hardware. Basically the hardware is connected both internally and outwardly with devices and mostly because of the internal connection the hardware gets diverged.

Hard disk drives

The hard disk drive often gets fragmented that leads to a death screen or Windows crash of a computerActually the hard disk is stuffed with a, load of information and just within a week the disk becomes scrappy. It is always better to defragment the drive every week to save the Windows from crashing and keep the operating system working smoothly.


Software is one of the most important parts of a computer. A good quality properly installed software makes a computer run smoothly. However, if it is not setup properly, Windows is often damaged to a great extent.


Windows Crash

Having a good antivirus is a must for any computer. Computer is basically a store room of loads of data and documents which might contain virus.  Storing such data causes corruption of other files, makes the computer to run slow or sometimes the crash of Windows. It is always advised to scan the documents before storing it.


The hardware of the printer often fails to respond to the user command provided from Windows. This leads to crash of the Windows.

Problem of power supply

The computer circuitry often gets burned out because of unstable power supply delivered from the power station crash of the system.

So, you can see that all you need to do check on all the reasons aforementioned, in order to find out why your Windows has crashed. You need to remember that the system crashing too many times is not only a sign that you need to start checking for problems, but that it is harmful for the processor as well. it is, therefore, suggested that in case, none of these reasons are applicable in your case, you immediately consult a software technician.

About the Author– The article is contributed by Daina Anderson. She is the founder of Techybuzzz, a tech blog where you can find latest Android, gadgets and iPhone news.

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