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TOP 3 Plantronics Telephone Headsets

The business of communication has greatly increased in the past couple of years with more and more people finding themselves talking over the phone most of the time whether they are client calls, personal calls or hopeful calls, people are hooked to their telephone sets most of the time. Since employees in most of the companies spend most of their time speaking over the telephone, it is very important to have a quality telephone set to avoid having any inconvenient experience. Plantronics is one of the finest brands in the field of telephone handsets which has a whole new range of headsets to make life easier of the employees out there using telephones for long hours every day of the week.

telephone headset

Here is a concrete list of top 3 Plantronics Telephone Headsets available in the market today:

1.) Plantronics CS520

Plantronics CS520 is amongst the lightest DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) headset which is also one of the most popular headsets amongst the clients because of many reasons. The headset offers a streamlined design, enhanced technologies and weighs only 3.31 oz. More than that, the users can experience some great controls on the headset like one touch calling, flash controls, mute controls and wireless operation. This is also one of the headsets offering a very long battery life of almost nine hours and eliminates background noise to the best possible amount.

2.) Plantronics Savi W720

A lot many times employees working in various organizations while using headphones might need to switch between different calls and hence a new telephone headset for such employees who might need frequent switching of calls from work calls, desk phones, cell phones, PC, etc is the Plantronics Savi W720 to allow the users to connect to different devices at the same time so that switching between different calls becomes easier for the users. This is also one of the headsets which allow the users to utilize calling options from as far as 350 feet from the base station. Some features of the headset include the fact that it protects the ears from high noise levels, Anti Startle technology eliminating sudden noise increase and time weighted technology to manage the noise levels to a bare a minimum of 85 dBA.

3.) Plantronics Voyager Pro

This is one of those Bluetooth headsets which cuts as much as 80% of the background noise and has a dual microphone noise cancelling technology. This classy Bluetooth headset offers much better sound quality than many others.

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