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Top 20 Tablets in the World- Continuation

Top 20 Tablets in the World

If you are looking to buy a Tablet for yourself, then here is a list of the Top 20 Tablets in the World. Each of these tablets is different from each other in many respects thus we will get to know what makes them different from each other. Well i have already talked about ten out of the Twenty Best Tablets last day. Well if you have missed it, you can have a look at the list of Top 20 Tablets in the World.

Let’s have a look on the top 10 list today.

Rank 10: HTC flyer

HTC tablet
HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer just ranks above Apple’s iPad2 and it ranks ten in our list of Top 20 tablets in the world. The HTC flyer has got a great design, a unique4 style and a comprehensive collection of software. It uses Android 2.3.3, skinned with HTC’s familiar sense UI. The CPU is paired with 1 GB of RAM so we can perform multitasking. It has relatively speedy processor and can take up sim for 3G data.

Best for

It has bright and vibrant screen with excellent build quality. Also has unique pen option.


Rs. 18,100 and 25800

329 USD and 469 USd

My Ratings


Rank 9: Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom is one of the leading rivals that challenge the Apple iPads pre-eminence in the market. The tablet is run by Android 3.0 OS that makes multitasking, browsing the web a breeze and is powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor. With screen resolution of 1280×800, the tablet successfully evades pixilation.

Best for

The tablet sports a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera and also provides the facility of 720p video recording with the rear camera. Xoom also comes with an additional feature to upgrade to 4G LTE.


Rs.20, 625

375 USD

My Rating


Rank 8: Acer Iconia Tab A500

Acer Iconia Tab

A sleek tablet with many entertaining features like HD gaming, 1080 video and fast browsing. It has Android v3.0 operating system, 10.1 inch touch screen, a 5MP front camera along with 2MP secondary camera. Its storage capacity can be extended up to 32 GB. The tablet supports eReading and is pre installed with Acer LumiRead and Google books eReading.

Best for

Entertainment features.


Rs. 24,700

450 USD

My Rating

4.3/5 Star

Rank 7: Asus EEE Pad Slider

Asus Eee Pad

Asus EEE pad slider is a reasonably priced tablet run by Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS and is powered by dual-core, 1GHz processor.  With the not-so smooth edges, the tablet lacks in the ease of use, however the tablet makes up for it with the backlit LED screen.

Best for

The tablet hosts ASUS web storage, that provides an enormous space for storing extra files, music and videos and thus provides excellent backup, etc.


Rs.31, 700

576 USD

My Rating

4.4/5 Star

Rank 6: Huawei MediaPad

Huawei MediaPad

Huawei MediaPad is a tablet that comes equipped with 5.8 GB internal memory storage a card slot that is capable of holding a 32 GB memory card. It has 8 GB ROM and 1 GB RAM along with Android v3.2. The tablet has 5 MP camera at the back and 1.3 MP at the front.

Best for

Light in weight ( just 390 g) and is thick (11.98mm).


Rs. 23100

419.95 USD

My Rating

4.5/5 Star

Rank 5: Blackberry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook

A tablet built with TFT capacitive touch screen and 16/32/64 GB internal storage with 1 GB RAM. It has got BlackBerry tablet OS, TI OMAP 4430 chipset and dual core CPU. It is inbuilt with GPS and java but does not support GSM voice communication. It has a 5MP primary camera and a secondary camera as well. The playbook looks fantastic and has an impressive sound field.

Best for

It is world’s first professional grade tablet offering multiple apps and powerful internet connection.


Rs. 11,800 (16 GB)  14000 (32 GB)

215 USD and 255 USD

My Rating

4.6/5 Star

Rank 4: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

This tablet features a full-sized USB port, SD slot, 1080p output, a 3G sim and is new to the android market. It has a soft nice finishing with pleasant sound quality. The battery life seems respectable when compared to competitive tablets in the market. It is built in with many pre installed apps and more apps can be downloaded from the android market.

Best for

It offers remote control features and pen input which is rare for android tablets.


Rs. 21350

388 USD

My Rating

4.7/5 Star

Rank 3: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been listed as the 3rd best tablet in the World.  Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 qualifies as a close third with the tablet being run by the latest Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS. Being powered by Nvidia Tegra2 Dual Core 1GHz processor, the tablet provides the user to multitask without having to face any glitches. One notable feature in Galaxy tab 10.1 is that it supports Adobe flash player which is apparently absent in the iPad.

Best for

One notable feature in Galaxy tab 10.1 is that it supports Adobe flash player which is apparently absent in the iPad.


Rs. 24,650


My Rating

4.8/5 Star

Rank 2: Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S

The number two position goes to none other than Sony’s latest tablet named as Sony tablet S that came into the market in the month of September last year. Sony tablet S can have either Android 3.2 honeycombs or Android 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich as an operating system. It has 16/32 GB flash memory and uses Nvidia Tegra chipset 20. Designed with capacitive multi-touch touch screen, its onboard feature includes Wi-Fi, micro USB, Bluetooth, microphone, infrared, digital compass and 0.3 MP front facing and 5 MP rear-facing cameras. It has applications for easy access to music, videos and eBooks.

Best for

This device is exceptionally good because of its light weight and small size, making it a pleasure to hold.


Rs. 22,990- Rs. 25,500

464 USD

My Rating

4.9/5 Star

Rank 1: Apple iPad 3

Apple iPad3

Finally the Best Tablet in the World goes to Apple iPad 3. The tablet comes with a sleek, thin and light body and an almost 20% reduction in size compared to its predecessors. Also its battery is lighter in weight, more lasting than iPad2 but is alleged to be priced higher by 20-30% than the present iPad battery. The tablet also comes with a full touch screen HD display with screen resolution of 2048×1536. The tablet is teemed with a 5.0MP rear camera and a 3.0MP front camera and a built-in eReader.

Best for

*The tablet is powered by an A6 quad core processor, which would by far  strip any processor manufactured till date, making iPad3 the most efficient and powerful tablet.

*iPad3 also comes with the most advanced iOS5 that will support mutli touch as well.

*The graphic display of the tablet is powered by the new retina display technology that would make text and graphic display smooth and invariable at any size.


Rs.30,000 – Rs 34,000 (INR)

618 USD

My Rating

5/5 Star


Thus, on the basis of extensive analysis of  Top 20 Tablets in the World, you might have perceived a lot and thus might be ready to buy your preferred one. Every Tablet has something new to offer and thus on the basis of this thesis, we made it easier for you to select your tablet from amongst Top 20 Tablets in the World.

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