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Top 10 Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks

Internet is of major importance nowadays. There are many browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and so on. Every browser is special in its own ways. The most flourishing and the most recommended among these is the Internet Explorer. The following are some amazing Internet explorer tips and tricks one can enjoy while browsing through Internet Explorer :-

Internet Explorer Tips
Image Credit : Pixelatedgeek
  • You can easily change the font size of a web page. Sometimes the type size becomes too small and this creates difficulty in reading and writing. You can adjust it by holding the CTRL key and rolling the mouse wheel. The size becomes larger when you roll the wheel down and smaller as you roll it up.
  • Using Internet explorer in full screen mode. Pressing F11 puts internet explorer in full screen mode; the toolbar at the top will still be visible. Right clicking on the toolbar and selecting auto-hide will hide the toolbar. It comes back again as we move the mouse at the top of the screen.
  • Scrolling through a webpage was never this easy! To scroll down press the space bar and to scroll up press shift key and the space bar together.
  • Creating a new homepage seems quite interesting. Go to the page you want to see as your new homepage and dragging the icon to the home icon (in the address house of the standard toolbar) will ask you if you want to set your home page to that address- answer “yes”. Thus your homepage is changed!
  • Type in address in the address bar without even clicking on it. Press ALT-D and simply type in the address. 
  • Opening a link in a new window. Pressing the SHIFT key and clicking on the link will open up a new browser window. After finishing your work with that page closing the window will immediately bring you back to the original page.
  • Determining when a webpage was last updated. Open the page you want. Type : javascript:alert(document.lastModified)  in the address bar. Your browser should be having the java version to do this. Thus you can easily see the date and time the webpage was modified.
  • A new way to scroll, much easier and faster. If you don’t have a wheel in the mouse, don’t be upset. Just right click on the scrollbar which is in the extreme right of the screen. There will be several options to scroll. The “top” and “bottom” options take you at the top and bottom of the screen immediately.
  • Stop pressing the back button and instantly go back to the previous page or forward to the former one. Press the SHIFT key and turn the mouse wheel down, you go to the previous page and rolling the wheel up, you go forward.
  • Setting window size and position. Resize and reposition the way you want the new windows to look. When it is done, press hold the SHIFT key and close the window. The next time you open internet explorer it shall look the way you want.

Internet Explorer is increasingly becoming obsolete among internet users, more so, with the launching of newer web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, we must admit that it is one of the oldest and the most reliable web browsers ever. It may be slow, but these tips and tricks promise to help you in many ways.

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