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Top 10 Best i7 Processor Laptops in India

Laptops are one of the most utilitarian gadgets ever. With the advent of technology, our expectations from the latest gadgets have increased exponentially as well. In the case of laptops, we demand heavy-duty processors that can respond to heavy multitasking without breaking a sweat. A 3rd generation Core i7 processor is just the answer to such demands. Core i7 processors have the latest high-end configuration and are able to gratify the user’s multitasking needs smoothly. The following are the top laptops with i7 processor in India:

Dell Alienware M17X

best i7 laptops

Current price – 1,65,000 INR

The Dell Alienware M17X is one of the best i7 laptops in India. It multitasks at a blazing speed and has a fast SSD. It has an outstanding battery life of more than 5 hours. It also has an inbuilt wireless HD and displays inventive lighting effects. It also has HDI input. It runs on a Sandy Bridge CPU of Intel quad-core and has AMD switchable graphics. The design of the Alienware M17X combined with the lighting effects of the device is unparalleled.

Asus Lamborghini VX7


Current price – 1,19,025 INR

The Asus Lamborghini VX7-SZ025 has a display of 15.6-inch and runs on the OS Windows 7 Home Premium. It has a 2nd Generation processor of Core i7-2630QM and has Bluetooth v3.0 and Wi-Fi LAN 802.11 b/g/n. It has a screen resolution of 1600x900px and a 3 GB-DDR5 Graphics card. It is equipped with an Intel HM65 chipset and has a memory of 16GB-DDR3. Its HDD capacity is 1.5 TB and has a Blu-Ray DVD Combo Optical Drive. Its webcam is 2-MP and has internal microphone and speakers. It works on an 8-Cell battery and has USB-3.0 port. It is, indeed one of the best core i7 laptops in India.

Toshiba Qosmio X Series X500


Current price – 1,07,060 INR

Another best 3rd generation i7 laptops in India is the Toshiba Qosmio X-Series x500. The laptop comes with a 4-GB DDR3 RAM. The display of this laptop from Toshiba is 18.4-inches which has an HDD capacity of 1.5-TB. It has a 12-Cell battery and has a MMC/MS/SD/xD/MS-Pro/SDHC card reader. The audio-output is high definition with stereo speakers and has four USB 2.0 ports. The multitouch Touchpad is large and has HDI and VGA support.

Dell Alienware M14X

Dell Alienware M14X

Current price – 82,900 INR

Dell Alienware M14x has a 14-inch WLED-display with 1600x900px resolution and runs on the Windows 7 OS. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and its GPU is GeForce GT-555M graphics card with 1.5-GB memory. Its HDD capacity can range up to 750-GB and a DDR3 RAM up to 8GB. Its webcam is 2-MP with HD Video and picture quality. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI output and USB ports. It has an 8-Cell Battery and weighs about 3 kilograms.

Sony VAIO S Series VPCSA25GG

Sony VAIO S Series VPCSA25GG

Current price – 1,29,900 INR

The Sony VAIO S-Series VPCSA25GG is equipped with a 2nd generation Core i7 Processor and has an Intel HM67 Express Chipset which makes Sony VPCSA25GG one of the best laptops with i7 processor. Its Ram-memory is 6-GB DDR3 and has a hard-drive of 640 GB. Its display is 13.3-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 1600x900px. Its GPU is AMD Radeon HD-6630M and a webcam of 1.3-MP. It has a battery backup of 6 hours and has 2 USB-2.0 and 1 USB-3.0 ports.

Asus G73JH

Asus G73JH

Current price – 95,444 INR

Asus G73JH is a gaming laptop that has an LCD display 17.3-inches with full HD Glare and a screen resolution of 1920x1080px. It runs on an Intel quad-core i-7-720QM processor and has a RAM of 6GB DDR3 1333. It has two hard-drives of 320 GB each. Its optical drive is a Blu-Ray 4X combo. It has VGA port and has an 8-cell battery. Its Bluetooth version is 2.0 and has a webcam of 2-MP. It runs on Windows 4 Home Premium OS.

Sony VAIO C Series VPCCB17FG

Sony VAIO C Series VPCCB17FG

Current price – 66,844 INR

The Sony VAIO C Series VPCCB17FG is one of the best i7 laptops in India with an Intel 2nd Generation Core i7 processor and an Intel HM65 Express Chipset. Its RAM memory is 4BG DDR3 and a HDD capacity of 640 GB. It has a display of 15.5-inches and a screen resolution of 1920x1080px. It operates on Windows 7 Home Premium. It has an AMD Radeon HD-6630M GPU. Its webcam is 1.3-MP and has a battery backup of 3.5 hours.

Dell XPS 15


Current price – 69,825 INR

The Dell XPS 15 is another one of the best core i7 laptops in India, which runs on an Intel HM67 Express chipset and has a RM memory of 8-GB DDR3. It has an HDD capacity of 750 GB and a DVD-RW Dual layer optical drive. It has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366x768px. It has a graphic memory of 2-GB and a 2-MP camera. It has a battery backup of 3.5 hours. It has both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

HP Notebook DV6-6165TX


Current price –57,000 INR

Another one of the best 3rd generation i7 laptops in India is the HP Notebook DV6-6165TX, which operates on Windows 7 Home and has a High-Definition Bright-View display of 15.6-inches, with a resolution of 1366x768px. It has a 4-GB DDR3 RAM and a DVD-RW Dual layer Optical Drive. The keyboard has backlight with an integrated number-pad. The TouchPad supports Multitouch Gestures. The HDD capacity is 750-GB. It also has an integrated fingerprint reader and has a beautiful dark umber color with a metallic finish.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z570


Current price – 45,694 INR

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 has a 15.6-inch HD LED Glare Screen with 1366x768px resolution. It is equipped with an Intel HM65 chipset and an integrated 2MP webcam. It has a multi-card reader and has a Tray-in Rambo Optical Drive. The Multi-Touch touchpad supports Gestures. It also has USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI, Headphone-out and Microphone-in ports.

Best i7 Laptops in India

As we can see in the above comparison, all these laptops are all extremely heavy duty and can support several memory-taxing applications running simultaneously. All of them are perfect as gaming laptops. Some of them have innovative lighting effects that promise to change your experience of using a laptop dramatically. As the bottom line, it can be said that the Dell Alienware 17X is the best, given its specifications in contrast to its price.

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