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Three Signs You Need a New Router

Working on the internet with high-speed connectivity is a basic essential for everyone, especially if you use the internet for professional aspects or for enjoying Xbox games. There may be times when you are about to complete your project and suddenly your internet seems to get interrupted and you face constant challenges to restarting it. In such cases, it is relevant to figure out that ISP is not hindering the internet connectivity as the real issue lies with the hardware on your side preferably your router. So, you need to ascertain that your router is working perfectly or it has got some real issues that make it susceptible to the continuing problem in offering internet connectivity to your system. Thus, there is a need to have a comprehensive view of the three signs that practically show you need a new router.

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It is essentially true that everyone prefers to have the privilege of enjoying fast speed internet connectivity and especially if you are paying a definite cost for it. But, in certain cases, it is observed that there are regular concerns with internet connectivity, so instead of blaming ISP, you need to check your router as well. So, let’s have an informative view of the three signs you need a new router.

Regular Interruptions in the Internet Connectivity

In case, if your internet connectivity is facing constant interruptions owing to the regular disconnections and this has fairly become a trend, then think about changing your router and for that, you can read this wifi routers 2017 reviews. If your internet connectivity shows signs of connectivity and dropping off immediately for a regular time period, then it is the virtual signal of replacing your old router. You can also make a connection by going to the configuration settings of the router and try to reset its default settings. Moreover, you can opt for the required firmware updates and use them to enhance the internet connectivity. Despite resorting to all these settings, if the problem persists, then it is a clear sign of replacing your router to get better internet connectivity.

Having the Restricted Connectivity to your System

If you are having the restricted internet connectivity to your laptop or computer system with some or all the lights perfectly illuminated, then your router may be an issue hindering the speed and connectivity of the internet. Sometimes, it is observed that a few or all the lights on the router are adequately illuminated and still your system has only limited access to the internet connectivity, then your hardware may be the cause of trouble for you. In fact, in certain cases, the lights blink regularly and there is no precise information available for the lack of connectivity, and it has been a regular trend, then it is a sign that you need a new router. Here you can disconnect the router from the modem and main electrical output for some time and connect it and if still the issue continues, then you have to get yourself a new router.

Regular Blinking of Router Light that is indicative of the connection to the Modem

The lights on your router are illuminated, but you notice the regular blinking of the light that signifies the connection to the modem, then you need to take a notice of the concern. In such a case, you need to resort to the resetting of the router by unplugging it from the main electric outlet for a mere thirty seconds and restart it again. You can also resort to the hard reset by pressing the reset button for seven seconds and it will lead to the default setting of the router making things clear for internet connectivity. But, even after doing so, your internet is not working perfectly, then it is a clear signal that you need to replace your router and get a new one.


On a whole, it can be stated that the three signs you need a new router explicitly illustrate the virtual requirement of the new router to get the best internet connectivity. So, next time, when your internet connectivity nags you following a particular trend, then you need to assure about the three signs mentioned above to make an affirmative view of your concern. You also should make sure no one is stealing your wifi. If any of the three signs hinders your internet connectivity, then you can have a precise understanding of clear issues with the working of your router and you can get the new one for your home or office.

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