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The Significance of Technology and the Future of Work

Technology connects us. Technology unites us. Technology amplifies our power – Vivienne Harr             

Have you ever noticed that we are completely surrounded by technology all the time? Whether you are busy doing work, enjoying Sunday brunch at a restaurant, or simply scrolling social media websites on your comfy couch. The advanced technology is always involved in our activities. In fact, just imagine your life without smartphones, internet, electricity, and other tech things. It seems horrible, right? From having business meetings on Skype to driving an automatic car, it has become a necessity of life.

As the advanced technology exists in numerous forms, let’s take a moment here and check out how it is taking our lives by storm and of course, for good reasons.

1 – Internet and Wi-Fi System

I personally feel blessed being the part of this digitalized world and the main reason is the internet. Thanks to the best quality routers for Wi-Fi systems that have made almost everything accessible anywhere. Regardless, you want to know about your favorite celebrity’s history or want details about a lecture you just attended at college. You can always rely on Google.

Whether it’s laptop, smartphone, car, TV, or any other digital device, Wi-Fi System has become essential for every human being. In fact, even little ones can use the internet to play their favorite rhymes on YouTube.

2 – Self Driving Cars

There was a time when people used ponies and buffalo for transportation. Did you ever think about something like self-driving cars? Although, we all are aware of cars and most of us even drive vehicles. But just imagine having a vehicle that doesn’t need any driver. Yes, it is happening in today’s world!

This newest technology will make a positive impact on the automotive as well as transportation. Also, it will reduce chances of car accidents and injuries, the distance can be calculated as the whole system will be controlled by computers, and much more.

3 – Medicine and Healthcare    

Just like other fields, a lot is happening in the field of medicine and healthcare as well. Long gone are the days when there was no treatment for tuberculosis. Today, transplantation of brain and heart have become possible. Whether it is about cutting back on melanoma biopsies, needle-free diabetes care, or robotic check-ups everything is possible.

In short, there is involvement of technology in every field and every human being is totally overwhelmed with the digitalization.

Future of Work

Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday – Steve Jobs

The creative heads of this era highly believe in this saying. This is why they are constantly working on new inventions and a lot of technologies are yet to come. As we have entered into the year 2018, we will get to know about many inventions in different fields. The personal impact, social impact, and organizational impact – all these will be affected in near future as there will be more technology launches in the technology-driven world.   

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