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Sure Fire Methods To Unblock KickassTorrents

Even before you get started understanding right method related to kickassTorrent unblock it is important for you to get more familiar with the fact why most browsers restrict users from accessing Kat (Kat in the common abbreviation for Kickasstorrents). Most web browsers block it because it contains a program code that can harm your system. The moment you access a torrent website, your web browser will always notify you in advance about unwanted malware or software.

Sure Fire Methods To Unblock KickassTorrents
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Most web browsers offer you with a similar type of notifications. Kat is blocked by all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and IE. To effectively unblock Kat you just have to follow simple guidelines. One of the easiest ways to unblock is to try and ignore the notification and access it. If your web browser is disabled for phishing then you can simply click settings, advanced settings, privacy and enable phishing before you save your settings done. This way you will be able to access Kat on your web browser.

For more tutorials related to unblocking you can also log on to the website It is possible that your ISP service may not allow you from accessing Katdue to DNS restrictions. You may have to change the DNS (server) settings. One of the most effective ways is to change the settings to Google DNS and enable Kat.

If you are still not able to access it then there are chances that your ISP has been restricted from accessing it. This means that you may have to alter your ISP settings. Using a valid VPN can help you resolve this situation. When using private VPN you can make use of a number of other benefits. This will provide you with an unrestricted gateway to access any website on your web browser.

You may have to make one selection from the bandwidth and country provided from the list. Making use of web proxy services can also prove very much helpful to access Kat. You can search for genuine private web proxy site online to unblock and use Kat.

Apart from this, you have an option to make use of reverse proxy or torrent minor web sites. You can further access any of the torrent site content using a reverse proxy. When making use of these reverse proxy sites you have an option to report, rate and submit your views and ratings. One of the main reasons why Kat is usually blocked is because the display contains ads and malicious software. In 95 percent cases reverse proxies are very much effective.

You may try and make use of a number of other Kat alternatives which are available online in download form. You just have to perform a simple Google search to get your list of such sites.

To make it effective you have to download and then run the software on your computer or lap top. You also have an option where you can make the selection of the format you want to get unblocked. In case you are interested in watching video format then you may get alternatives that offer you with convenience to set your desired resolution and size.

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