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Steps to Save your Water Drenched Smartphone

Smartphones are quite vulnerable to water and your phone might stop functioning if it remains in water for a long time. There are many ways, through which you can try to save your phone even if it dropped into water. Here is some easy step guide:

Take out your phone immediately from water


If your phone has been dropped into water, do not lose faith or your breath, and act quickly. Take out your phone immediately from water. It is never too late so do not give up. You might be able to save your phone even if it has dropped completely into water. The longer time it is in water, the higher is the probability that it will stop working. If your Smartphone goes into some liquid when it is being charged, do not plug it out before removing the charging switch.

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Remove battery

The damage has been done up to some extent but you can minimize it. After taking it out, put your Smartphone on a towel and immediately remove the battery and other parts. This will help to ensure that water that is present on battery do not go inside of your phone. In order to confirm that whether the water has gone inside the battery or not, check the corner of the battery. If there is a white circle or square, your Smartphone has high chances that it will function properly. However, if the square and circle has turned pink or read, than the water has gone inside the battery.

Do not forget to remove accessories with your Smartphone because you never know that from where the water goes inside your phone.

Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have opened your phone and dried it with a dry towel, use vacuum cleaner. Use a small vacuum cleaner and keep on drying your Smartphone for at least 20 minutes. Remember do not use hair dryer. Hair dryer can worsen the situation as it might cause the water to move further inside your battery. Vacuum cleaner is the fastest method through which you can extract out all the water from your phone.

Dip your phone in raw Rice for Sometime

Rice are very good absorber of water and once you make sure that you have tried all the mechanical and electrical steps to dry your phone, now let the rice dry it for you. Just place your phone in the bowl of raw rice, which you have kept as storage in a window or anywhere. Keep on rotating the phone so that water is completely absorbed by rice from everywhere.

Try Your Luck Now

The tough moment now is to try your luck that whether your phone is working or not. Insert the Sim card and battery and try to start it. I hope that it will not create any problem and will start immediately. However, if the problem still lies, take it to your near phone repairing shop. This is your last choice. He might be able to save your phone from malfunctioning.

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