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SSL Certificates: A Worthy Investment

Whether you’re starting a business to help boost your income or you’re throwing all you have into what you hope will be a fruitful venture, the importance of website security is crucial. While you may think that ensuring the security of your business would be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. The cost of SSL certificates doesn’t have to cost a fortune, with many available to suit your individual needs and budgets, and you can renew premium SSL certificates for just as little.

256-bit encryption
256-bit encryption

The cheapest option would be to settle for a self-signed SSL certificate but this isn’t necessarily the best option. Even if you’re authentic like you say you are, if a customer has to click through a warning page letting them know of your self-signed certificate, they’ll automatically be concerned before even arriving on your page.

Consider SSL certificates as an investment – an investment that you will make a return on in no time if your website is secure and you take your customers safety seriously. Whether it’s the purchase of a standard digital certificate or a Wildcard SSL to cover unlimited subdomains is completely up to you.

The aim of SSL is to provide 256-bit encryption of sensitive data, so that when it’s transferred between the website interface and the business’ web server, it’s indecipherable to eavesdropping third parties. Credit card details, login passwords and personal information are all encoded so that they aren’t readable, meaning that data is kept safe and your business continues to be trusted.

While, naturally, this service costs, but if you consider the validity of the certificate and the return that your business could make if you provide the utmost in online security, it’s worth it. Certificates are often valid for between 1 and 3 years, and can cost anything from £259 to £1299 annually, with favourable discounts if you choose to renew premium SSL certificates by paying up front.

Take a look at your SSL options, today.

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