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Role of the NFPA in Flame Resistant Garments

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) was set up in 1896 with a mission to minimize the loss of life and injury by promoting research and training. Here are some of the important ways in which the NFPA helps to reduce fire-related injuries in the workplace.

  1. A holistic strategy

The NFPA focuses on every aspect of fire safety in the workplace and has developed meticulous standards for certifying flame-resistant clothing in line with the minimum required arc ratings. This includes protection in the event of electric arc burns, thermal exposures, and fires. In addition, the NFPA also offers awareness, education and training programs to its member organizations. More information is available on

  1. Wide membership

The NFPA has a global membership of 50,000 members in different countries throughout the world. Due to its worldwide presence, the organization is able to develop standards, codes and training programs in line with different kinds of work environments that address the maximum types of possible risks and threats to human safety. It can reach out to its global community through its Firewise program to disseminate information easily. Its wide membership also makes it possible to ensure that all members can access the online catalog of the NFPA to learn about its different learning materials, products and standards for implementation in their workplace.

  1. Non-profit structure

As mentioned in the infographic, the NFPA is a non-profit body which operates globally. Because of its non-profit structure, the NFPA does not owe allegiance to corporate interests, which makes it possible for it to perform objective and neutral assessments of different workplace environments and the quality of safety measures used in the industry. It also allows the organization to be objective and neutral, especially when recommending an FR outlet or different safety products for its members.

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