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Review of Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

After the launch of Windows 8, there has been introduced an internet security system especially for Windows 8 named Bitdefender Windows 8 Security. This is a package of antivirus which has adopted certain special features of Windows 8. It is quite easy to install the program. Let us get a detailed look at the Bitdefender Antivirus security system.

As we just have mentioned that is it not so tough to install this particular antivirus security especially made for Windows 8. This particular antivirus is now widely available on the internet. Initially it does a scan to check out all this and then easily get downloaded and installed.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Features overview

It is well embedded with a number of good features. In this antivirus, a protector protects your system from almost all sorts of threats. Let us get a look at the safety features of the antivirus software.


Firewall is nothing but one type of software that keeps the computer system safe from the internet threats. This Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is featured with firewall which is indeed a great thing in itself. The firewall security system protects the network from any sort of attack or internet threats.  Thus you can avail safe browsing on the internet. Having firewall in use is a great virtue indeed.


It often happens that we receive messages that contain virus or spam. This particular internet security system helps us to identify the spam messages by filtering it from the inbox and saving it in the spam folder. This is again a great facility that Bitdefender Windows 8 Security offers.


As we all know whenever we are putting in some document in the computer system through some other device like a mobile phone or a pen drives it is always suggested to scan the document. Not only that, in fact even when we download or install some program, scanning is very much important. This is mostly because most of the documents in such devices or the downloaded programs mainly those which are available at free on the internet contains virus. Scanning helps us to detect if there is any virus and as soon as it finds any virus it restricts the program from getting installed in the system. The best part of the scanning facility is that it is manual which is means you can scan documents of your choice. This is really a great feature embedded in this very Bitdefender Windows 8 Security software.

Special feature

Here in this Bitdefender Windows 8 Security software, you can have a couple of special features. Firstly it holds the support of Microsoft’s ELAM or Early Launch Anti-Malware specification that implies that this system has been launched before any other boot driver and it is capable of scrutinizing them to safety and security. In addition to that the program is also capable of analyzing the security problems that often take place with the Windows 8. At the same time having this software in hand you can keep yourself updated all the time and thus get in touch with the current and future status of your computer system.

Besides the above features there is another great part and that is the interface of the antivirus. It comes up with a much handy interface. With the help of this software you can have security protection in a multiple areas; you can see the status of the program, the setting and other things.

Pros and cons

However this Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is featured with a number of facilities but it comes up with certain significant pros and certain significant cons.

First if we talk about the pros then we must mention that it has scored very high in antivirus test while the firewall and the clunky featured often come out as cons as it restricts you to access several things that you actually do not want to block.


There are a number of antiviruses that you may avail at free of cost. However, Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is specific for Windows 8. This is basically not a free antivirus security system and you can get it at several prices on the internet. It has been charged quite reasonable however it is better to go by the quality and then the price as it is the matter of security. Its price starts from $19.99.

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