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My Laptop hangs frequently – Best solutions 2017

The Microsoft Windows 10 operating system version is the best Windows version till date. However, one problem that have persisted with every Windows OS version, even with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update that was released a few weeks ago, is the problem where Windows hangs abruptly.

If you are facing a similar issue where your Windows powered Laptop hangs frequently and if you are unable to find a solution for the issue, then today we bring you the best solutions in 2017 to fix Windows powered laptop hang issues.

Laptop Hangs Frequently – Best Solutions of 2017

There are several issues or situations that may lead to a laptop freeze. Issues can be both hardware and software. For instance, if your laptop gets heated too much, then the internal heat on the hardware would make the systems to work slowly and hang.

Other hardware issues may be related to insufficient system resources. Like insufficient RAM in your system which is by the way, the main cause of laptop hanging issues and freezes. So if you are someone who multitasks a lot, or if there are a lot of programs running in the background of your Windows laptop, then the issue may be related to insufficient RAM.

If you feel that your laptop is hanging due to the Windows OS running on your laptop, then below are some possible fixes that may help resolve the issue:

  • If your Windows laptop hangs while launching certain applications that are installed in the laptop, try reinstalling the same or uninstalling it. Some applications may make the Windows OS to crash and hang. Or else, if your Windows laptop hangs while launching certain features or services within the laptop, for example, any inbuilt apps or features, then try updating the drivers of those features. Maybe the current drivers related to those services or features may be creating the issue and updating/reinstalling the drivers should fix the issue.
  • Always make sure that your Windows laptop is completely virus free. Even though there are a lot of antivirus solutions out there, both free and paid, the risks of a virus or other malicious attack is higher today than ever before which could be possibly leading to the laptop hangs issue. So do make sure that your system is completely virus or malware free by regularly scanning your Windows laptop and making sure that you only download stuffs from recognized and authorized websites.
  • If your hard drive is almost filled up, then that might be the reason why your laptop hangs a lot. Performing a disk defragmentation on your hard drive will be a good idea. Defragmentation clear out the bad sectors in your hard drive and organize your hard drive more systematically, thus ensuring accessing data from your laptop’s hard drive takes less time. Hard drive defragmentation can be done using the inbuilt Disk Defragmenter in Windows.

Final Words

Did the solutions mentioned above help you solve the Windows powered laptop hang issue that you are facing? Then leave a comment below stating which method helped you solve the issue.

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