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iOS 7: Apple’s new Operating System Goes Live

This is a big week for Apple as it has 2 new iPhones hitting the store shelves & a brand new operating system iOS 7 which is available now for its compatible devices. The novel mobile OS is a great visual modify, & is likely to feel fairly disorienting to the users to upgrade from iOS 6, however in most significant ways, it is not that different from what people used to, & most of the changes are absolutely for the best. Apple consumers will today be capable to download and install the Apple new OS iOS 7 in what is being owed as a foremost step ahead for iPads & iPhones.

New Bold Look

Apple has entirely overhauled the appearance of iOS with its latest version 7, beginning from screen lock & enlarging the icons of its default apps, status bar indicators, system fonts, system essentials like the Notification Center & few more. It has new sounds as well, including notification cues & ringtones.


Apple has selected bold, bright colors having more clean lines & far less textures, gradients & shadows. Apple’s new appearance with iOS 7 takes familiarized, but overall, it is an improvement.

Control Center

Control Center in iOS7 simplify & make a lot more functional what was rather confusingly set AirPlay/ media player/ volume & brightness control fast access feature affixed to the app drawer in iOS 6. Separating it from that function & making it handy all through the iOS 7 user interface through a simple swipe up from the bottom is an actually big improvement.


Apart from the visual update, like the one whole thing in iOS 7 is receiving, Siri adds some new voices intended to craft it appear more human & added data sources include Twitter, Bing & Wikipedia. In iOS 7 it can return the phone calls, playback your voicemail & in general do more that you would like for a hands free assistant to be capable to do.


In iOS 7, multitasking feature gets even smarter, by learning the user’s habits & updates content in the backdrop depending on when the user regularly use their apps, & when they are connected to Wi-Fi & power, to avoid the data & energy burn.


Apple phone web browser acquires a fix with iOS 7, one which allows the chrome to melt into background. When the user is on a web page, the bottom navigation bar & address bar will fade away thus giving the user a full-screen experience.


Apple’s camera iOS software is novel in 7, having an interface which brings all the modes out into open rather than hiding its features behind the buttons.

iTunes Radio

Apple introduces iTunes radio which is a no-limits streaming accessible for free. This service is only for U.S account-holders.

Notification Center

The novel Notification Center in iOS 7 is a large change from its previous version. A new “Today” panel which shows all birthdays & events going on for any specific day, plus stocks, weather conditions & future things to memo for next day, together with calendar & alarms events. However like any other thing, the new iOS has some flaws too which is discussed in this article published in Forbes.

Find my iPhone & App Store

Apple has given several small updates to find my iPhone & App Store with iOS 7, together with the tools which make it simpler to protect & recover the stolen or lost devices.

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