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The current state of cryptocurrency is not yet the best it could be. There are so many exciting projects that are ready to change that. offers organizations a high speed, low cost avenue to acquire quality applicants and top talent employees. HireMatch has a mission to revolutionize and disrupt the recruitment industry by improving the current job marketplace quality worldwide, reduce the costs across the board, increase employee quality and create a community of people.

HireMatch is a platform that will be engineered to leverage both Ethereum blockchain technologies and it’s Smart Contracts to increase efficiencies and decrease cost to employee acquisition that many companies face. HireMatch is a closed loop payment system, meaning no new tokens will be created or destroyed and HireMatch will only accept (HIRE) to fuel its network of agents.

Simply put, this means as the HireMatch network becomes more and more popular, the demand for tokens and value will skyrocket (2,000%+).

There currently have a great whitepaper, an alpha version available on GitHub and a solid roadmap for execution.

The HIRE Token

From the site, we know that 78 million tokens will be issued, but only 100 million will exist in sum total, which is quite a few, but if enough recruitment activity takes place on the network, then it won’t actually matter how many coins are out there. With only 100 million total tokens available, we can see this quickly reaching the $10-$20 mark in the next year. It’s very likely that we’ll see an extreme upward valuation, and there will definitely be enough play that you can make ridiculous returns.


Only 78 million coins are coming out in the crowd sale. The rest will be held back for team, testing, etc. Very common distribution with other ICOs that we have seen.

The Final Verdict

We definitely don’t like that there is no Beta Version, but the Alpha version on GitHub looks very promising.


So, overall, we will definately get involved. Despite the issues with the team and where they are with code development, the upside to this technology is just too high and the risk vs reward well worth it.


⦁          No Beta Version. -1

⦁          There’s a risk that people may be comfortable with the technology already out there;, Careerbuilder etc.. -1


Growth Potential

⦁          Recruitment is big money. +4

⦁          The established community is a very positive. +2

⦁          If the team can execute, this token could see 100x growth in a few years time. +1

Investment Details

To get a piece of the 78 million coins being offered for sale, visit on October 1, 2017 9:45 EST.

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