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HP EliteBook 2570p Review, Price and Specs

The EliteBook series by Hewlett Packard was launched targeting mainly the business people, for whom the performance always took priority over looks. All of the laptops in this series have earned a strong reputation for being machines that make a strong combination of flexibility, durability and power. HP promises horsepower when it comes to the HP EliteBook 2570p. Though the price is not at all cheap, the company assures of a performance and quality that will be more than worth the price tag. This is a laptop that is promised to be withstanding of rugged usage and frequent travels and the consequent wear and tear.

HP EliteBook 2570p

Let’s see how of that the promises live up to.


Similar to all the other models in the EliteBook series, the HP EliteBook 2570p is no head turner when it comes to flashy looks and glitzy external features. On the contrary, it is as ordinary as it can get for a metal lidded laptop. However, that is not to imply that the HP EliteBook 2570p looks cheap or distasteful in any way. It has a conventional beauty. The top of the chassis if made of brushed magnesium alloy shell while the bottom chassis and bezel of the display are both of plastic. This probably had a chance of improvement with metal covers for the latter. However, the sturdiness has not been compromised in any way. However, it is better to baby the hinges a little; they will not be able to secure the lid closed.

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The display of the HP EliteBook 2570p is 12.5 inches wide  with an HD resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The slim and sleek power button is situated beneath the left hinge and the keyboard has a coat of DuraFinish on them, which not only makes it spill resistant, but also resistant of wear and tear. The keyboard, unfortunately, is not backlit. The touchpad is too tiny as well, but you have an additional joystick in the middle of the keyboard. The 720p webcam is situated at the middle of the top band on the inside and has a retractable LED light. The speaker are located perpendicular to the front edge. Audio output is good. The HP EliteBook 2570p is however, quite heavy, weighing about 4.2 pounds.


A 2.5 GHz i5-3210M Intel Core Processor powers the laptop. The 7200-rpm hard drive has a capacity of 500 GB. it offers you an option to choose from the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The graphics output of the HP EliteBook 2570p is backed by a 4000 Intel Graphics Card.


The HP EliteBook 2570p runs on a 55Wh battery with options to choose between a 6-cell battery and a 9-cell battery. The machine lasted an astonishing duration if 11.25 hours before it was fully discharged with power saver settings. On an average, it is sure to last somewhere between 4 to 6 hours.

Laptop for Gaming

In spite of its extraordinary performance and battery life, the HP EliteBook 2570p is not a good choice for a gaming laptop. It is more designed to be an office companion.


About the performance of the HP EliteBook 2570p, it can be said that it is definitely above acceptable. It is deft in running web browsers, productivity softwares and other regular applications without any apparent hitch. The interesting interface of the Windows 8 increaes its appeal.


The HP EliteBook 2570p is priced at 895.61 USD. See the Current price here- HP EliteBook 2570p

Pros And Cons

Among its pros are the comfortable keys and the addition of the mini-joystick, the fantatic battery back-up and superb performance. A very interesting feature of the HP EliteBook 2570p is the biometric fingerprint scanner on the right of the palm rest, which promises you extra security if you need it. Among its cons, is the low brightness and the comparatively heavy weight.


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The HP EliteBook 2570p delivers exactly what the company promises. It is sturdy, well built and offers you with a very healthy and reliable performance. It is the perfect laptop for those who are looking for reliability. The durability of the HP EliteBook 2570p is also quite commendable. The diverse options of connections also add to its plus sides. It is also very well constructed and well protected, making it very suitable for people who need to travel often. Overall, it is quite worth its price.

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