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How to Install Mobile Phone Signal Booster

There’s nothing quite as annoying as being right in the middle of a conversation, especially when you’re just about to make that all important sale at work, and suddenly the signal drops. Just because your cell provider can’t provide a stable connection doesn’t mean you have to suffer. If you’re not within range of a cell tower, you’re mobile phone service can become spotty, but there is a simple solution: a mobile phone signal booster.

Installation of a booster is quick and easy, and can have you back in business in no time. An installation kit from MyAmplifiers online store comes with everything you need to improve your signal strength anywhere you need it. The kit includes two antennas: outdoor and indoor, cables, power supply, and mountings. A mobile repeater can be installed in less than an hour, and is immediately ready for use.

mobile booster

Installation Process

1. First, make sure you have everything you need to install the outdoor antenna. There are two types of outdoor antennas, and the type you need depends on the model of your booster. An omni antenna is directional and is the easiest to install, while the yagi requires a position directed toward the nearest mobile tower.

2. After you’ve place your outdoor antenna, you have to find a spot for the indoor antenna. It’s best to keep a five meter distance from the outdoor antenna, in order to avoid interference between the two. The indoor antenna should be at least two meters off the ground for best performance.

3. Next, you simply plug the antennas into the cell phone repeater and make sure they are tightly secured. Your booster should provide instructions on which cable gets plugged into which jack.

4. After you’ve plugged the cables in, you’ll want to take into account any extra cable. You want to keep the cable as short as possible to boost the reception.

5. The final step is to plug the repeater into the power supply and check the indicator. If it is on, then installation has been successful.

Installing two or more repeaters can become a little more challenging, as you can acquire a two, three, or four way power splitter. The more antennas you install, the more locations you have to find and minimize interference, but it can make the signal on different floors or rooms better.

Installation Tips

• Use your cell phone to determine the best location for the outdoor antenna, especially if using a yagi antenna. Check the signal strength on your cell phone of various locations, like the roof or the attic, and decide where the external antenna will have the best performance.

• Make sure you keep the indoor and outdoor antennas far enough apart to minimize interference. The closer the antennas are, the less effective the booster will be.

• Don’t split of share the cable without the use of a power splitter. Failure to do so may result in decreased boosting capabilities.

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