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How Coworking Phone Booths Save the Work Day

Over one million people use coworking stations. Coworking is a great way to network, pool resources, and shares insights. However, traditional coworking centers have their drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges with open offices and the benefits office phone booths solve.

Issues with Open Offices

Frequent Disruptions

The average coworking center has 129 people. It can be very hectic during peak hours.

The noise can make it difficult for many people to concentrate. It is also difficult to hold conversations with clients and other stakeholders over the phone. Office phone booths are quiet spaces where people can avoid disruptions.

Lack of Privacy

Co-working centers are great for forming connections. However, they don’t offer much privacy.

This can be a challenge for some tasks. Legal, financial and many other discussions are very sensitive. You can’t hold them in a coworking center around lots of other people.

Office phone booths give you a lot more privacy. You can have a conversation in a soundproof booth.

Higher Rate of Absenteeism

Research shows open office environments cause more illnesses. Employees in open offices are 50 percent more likely to take time off from work after getting sick.

The explanation seems pretty self-evident. These people are more likely to come into contact with each other. They are more likely to spread viruses and bacteria in an open office.

There are probably other reasons open offices aren’t healthy. Noise pollution causes a lot of stress. Worrying about missing deadlines due to frequent disruptions can as well.

This stress takes its toll on workers’ immune systems.

Working in a more private office environment reduces the risk of illness. Adding office phone booths helps make the transition.

Lower Productivity in Open Offices

The disruptions experienced in open offices adversely affect productivity. A 2014 article from the New Yorker summarizes research on the topic:

“Psychologically, the repercussions of open offices are relatively straightforward. Physical barriers have been closely linked to psychological privacy, and a sense of privacy boosts job performance. Open offices also remove an element of control, which can lead to feelings of helplessness.”

Should You Set Up an Office Phone Booth?

Office phone booths can address many of the problems you face. Workers have quiet spaces they can go to avoid distractions. These booths are more conducive to holding phone conversations too.

However, all phone booths aren’t built equally. There are some reasons that you should install an office phone booth.

Improving Concentration

Workers have more difficulty focusing than ever before. A number of factors contribute to this dilemma. Part of the issue is due to their constant exposure to digital technology.

However, distractions in the workplace also play a large role.

Providing office phone booths helps minimize distractions. Employees can use them when they need quiet. This can help improve productivity.

Facilitate Meetings More Easily

Frequent disruptions and background noise can make it impossible to conduct meetings. This is the case with people using VoIP tools to hold conversations with peers in other locations. They can also use office phone booths to hold private discussions with people on-site.

Give Employees Greater Feelings of Control

The psychological benefits of office phone booths can be very compelling. Research has found that open-plan offices can make employees feel powerless.

They have greater feelings of control when you provide a closed space they can retreat to whenever they like. This boosts morale and minimizes feelings of hopelessness.

Reducing Illness and Absenteeism

Providing office phone booths minimizes exposure to bacteria and viruses. They also minimize noise pollution, which can take a toll on workers’ immune systems. This can reduce the risk of illness by 50%.

The benefits of reducing illness cannot be overstated. Absenteeism costs businesses $3,600 per hourly employee every year. If office phone booths cut the number of absences in half, they will save nearly $2,000 per employee.

 Office Phone Booths Have Many Benefits

In conclusion, research has shown that there are plenty of benefits of office phone booths. You can boost productivity, improve employee morale and cut the costs of illness in half. In 2018, make sure your office cuts out the noise and offers you and your coworkers a unique quiet space.

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