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Hoverwatch Is One Of The Best Free Spy Apps Makes Your Business More Efficient

Why Do You Need A Business Spy App?

For smooth and quick business operations, you must have provided company-owned devices to your employees. So, they can communicate, share or transfer files easily. In short, your workers are obliged to fulfill their duties. This is what you expect! But in reality, they could be wasting time on surfing internet. Even worse, they could be leaking the confidential company information.


So, what’s the solution? As the company owns the devices. It is very easy to monitor them. You just need an efficient spying application. The market is pretty stuffed with free android spy apps. But you must opt for paid applications. You can try Hoverwatch! Since the day one, it has created a true hype for its premium tracking features.

Benefits Of Using HoverWatch

Hoverwatch is the latest addition to spying app category. When it comes to spying application, we usually get one or two tracking features. But Hoverwatch has set the new benchmarks. It has covered every aspect of mobile and computer monitoring. And the best part, you can operate it on your personal device without getting into trouble.

We are not done yet! Here are the key advantages of using HoverWatch!

Stealth Mode

It is hard to keep a check on smart devices. Because the user will get notified about surveillance. But Hoverwatch is the exception here. It works in stealth mode. Even though the user is into technology, he/she won’t realize about the phone tracking.

Geolocation Tracking

The employees commonly make lame excuses of the traffic jam when they are late. Most of the time, they are enjoying drinks somewhere else. You can catch them red handed. But for this, you need to know their exact location. Well, Hoverwatch got your back. This app can provide you an accurate location of device’s user utilizing nearby Wifi or GPS signals.

Call Recording

You have given the smartphones to employees for office work only. They might be using the data for calling friends. You can’t allow them wasting the company’s resources into vain. Hoverwatch can assist you in this regard. Within few clicks, you can have complete call history along with call recording.

SMS & MMS Tracking

During intense and serious meetings, your employees might be sharing lame jokes via SMS. This is against business ethics. Moreover, the workers communicate using the encrypted words or secret slangs. You may not have an idea about those phrases. Such connection can lead to harmful results. As mentioned earlier, you own the devices. So, you can track them using Hoverwatch. This app will come up with entire SMS or MMS conversation.

Using Hoverwatch is a piece of cake. You will learn about quickly thanks to its live demo at

Social Media Tracking

You have provided the smart devices for completing the tasks. But workers can waste the data on surfing Facebook or sending funny videos on Whatsapp. On a serious note, they can share the important documents using both platforms. Hoverwatch can help you in avoiding such accidents!

Final Verdict

By far, you must have fallen for Hoverwatch. To be honest, this application is the best spying app for business. And the reasons are obvious. For the cheapest price tag, you can track location, SMS, Facebook or Whatsapp easily. The best part, your presence will remain hidden!

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