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Has the Security Level Scaled New Heights?

Better prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair”. Security seems to the buzzword in the world of today. In the current year the retail commerce industry is expected to grow by $ 224.2 million.  The unprecedented growth of electronic commerce as well as consumer based services have opened up opportunities for rampant fraud. In fact   one area which the business struggle is to confirm the authority of the online users. One of the effective online tools in this regard is the Phone ID contact which provides all the contact details of an individual. Access to such form of data paves way for the merchants to make real time decisions, minimizing the chances of fraud to a considerable extent.

Protecting the largest and most visible cloud and global web companies against any sort of frauds is very important. One of the best ways to prevent and secure your data is to use telesign identity authentication services where they have a safety mechanism in place which uses direct access to data, developing smarter fraud prevention as well as authentication products.


The contacts of  the Phone ID needs to be harmonizing with Tele sign Verify. From this process a one time authentication code is generated.  This then aligns with the mobile numbers and the efficiency in terms of operation is improved to  a considerable extent. This is all the more important as with the increase in the internet users, it is deemed necessary that the merchants have correct data at their disposal to understand the requirements and the drawbacks which arise from the online platform. So in a way the pros and cons should be clearly understood.

Security as a term means different things to different people. With the rampant use of iPhone protection of it is also an area of concern. The Telesign 2 FA uses the phone for achieving the desired level of security. It is considered as an effective tool for improving the experience without create a dent in the operating cost. In the case of iPhone the user id as well as the password is not only enough to keep the phone secure. The method in question needs to be used to avoid any sort of fraudulent commerce. This in a way is an additional level of security where the user verifies their numbers and then enters the account with an authentication code.

All this brings us to the fundamental question whether hacking is a crime. What if someone hacks into your mail id and gets caught. The consequences will be not at all that great. It depends to a great extent on the geographical boundaries where you reside.  So on all counts it is crime for sure. All this depends on the factor on why you hacked and what you hacked. So next time never think of hacking into your friend’s id by mistake.

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