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Complete Review of i5 Dell Inspiron 15Z

Dell has introduced some of the revolutionary features of a laptop in the Inspiron Z series. The Dell Inspiron 15Z laptop is one of those in the Inspiron Z family that has been created to give the user with the feel and experience of using an Ultrabook, within an affordable range. However, the company claims to not have compromised on the quality or performance in any way for compensating for the drop in price. Though the Dell Inspiron 15Z does indeed feel quite heavy on the wallets, there are some innovative features incorporated by Dell, which promise to make the price worth it.

Dell 15z
Dell Inspiron 15z

Design of  Dell Inspiron 15Z

Dell inspiron 15 z
Dell Inspiron 15 z

The built of Dell Inspiron 15Z has been done in the lines of the notebooks of the series. The laptop features a similar matte silver and grey lid. The Dell logo in chrome on the lid adds the cherry to the top. One of the best features of its design is the way the grey border of the lid smoothly flows into the interior. It is also extraordinarily slim for a notebook, with a width of only 21 mm. The screen is 15.6 inches wide. However, it is the chassis that fails to score up to the mark. In order to cut the costs, it is made of cheap plastic, which creates a dent in the overall classy chicness of the model.


Dell inspiron 15 z
Dell inspiron 15 z

The interior of the Dell Inspiron 15Z also keeps up fantastically with the colour scheme and design of the exterior. The big aluminium finished power button rests right below the lift hinge, while near the right hinge are dedicated buttons for Dell Instant Launch, Waves Audio and Windows Mobility Centre. The keyboard is backlit, which rests on a faintly sunken chamber, giving it a literal aura of class. The keyboard is spill resistant as well. A pair of SkullCandy speakers are situated at the bottom, which as a loud audio output, but is not exactly that good in quality. It often blows out or sounds flat. The 720p camera is at the traditional position, at the centre of the interior of the lid. The Dell Inspiron 15Z weighs around 5.2 pounds only.


A 1.7 GHz Core i5-3317U Intel Processor powers the Dell Inspiron 15Z. It is equipped with a 6 GB RAM and a 5400 rpm hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB. The hard drive is also fitted with a SSD of 32 GB mSATA. an Intel Graphics HD 4000 GPU powers the graphics of the Dell Inspiron 15Z. The Dell Inspiron 15Z operates on a platform of Windows 8.

Dell Inspiron 15Z Battery

The Dell Inspiron 15Z takes power from a 44 WHr battery of 6 cells, which promises to last for about four to five hours under normal conditions.

Dell Inspiron 15Z Laptop For Gaming

The Dell Inspiron 15Z is, however, not the best choice for using as a laptop for gaming purposes. This is especially true when counting those occasional lags in performance an mediocre life of the battery which may hinder the running of a game.


The start-up time of the Dell Inspiron 15Z has been recorded to be between 20 to 25 seconds, which is definitely quite speedy. The touchscreen feature of the laptop is what makes it interesting, especially when combined with the innovative interface of the Windows 8. Apart from occasional lags, the performance is quite up to the mark for a system in this range.


As mentioned in the beginning, the Dell Inspiron 15Z comes with a hefty price tag that marks its price at 75,000 INR exclusive of taxes.

Dell Inspiron 15z is priced at 832.78 USD at

Pros and Cons

Overall, the Dell Inspiron 15Z definitely has an appeal when you consider the charming interface of Windows 8 with a combination of multi-touch featured touchscreen on the large display. The audio, HD webcam and the optical drive are also among the cons. However, it is the subpar battery life, heavy weight as an Ultrabook and slow performance that set it back.


With the promise of a budget notebook, the Dell Inspiron 15Z is quite pricy and is sure to burn a noticeable hole in your pocket. At the price charged, the display resolution, the battery life and the quality of the audio is naturally expected to be better. It is definitely a sturdy and solid laptop, with the touchscreen being an added appeal for regular users. However, it is definitely impractical if you consider the frequency and need of its use for the targeted customers, who are definitely students and families.

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