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Brazilian Software Promises the Best Free Antivirus Experience: PSafe

Computer users are not yet open to trying out new anti-viruses. The increasing fear of information and bank account theft by new malware created everyday makes people prefer not to take any risks. Even so, those who risk keeping their machines safe with freeware don’t have many options other than AVG and Avast.

To start a label in this risky market and reach new clients for their software, Brazilian company Psafe chose to focus in the new digital consumers that the rising of the middle and lowers classes in the country generated. You can see it clearly in PSafe, the antivirus website.

The design is clean, minimalist and beautiful, a rarity in the category that is a reflection of the software characteristics. The simplicity and few options of customization may not please the hardcore users and experts in computing. Instead, they are designed for “newbies”. After a not-so-simple installation stage, they will find it really easy using the software and will be guaranteed that their information is safe.

This choice to reach new users in South America may also be noticed in the languages: only Portuguese and Spanish are available. The tutorial below helps in the download and setup stages for those who have English as first language and want to try it out.

The company ensures a lifetime gratuity of PSafe without paid upgrades, and accompanies the best tools and protection not only against viruses but also spyware, trojans, phishing and dangerous URLs. The all-in-one pack and the lightness of the software are called the greatest benefits by its owners. The necessary memory required to keep the software running is really low, making for a very smooth experience overall and preventing bugs. And now that one of the worst features of free softwares is gone, it will be easy to completely forget that this is always open in your sidebar.

To make the antivirus profitable they decided to use a not-so-useful widget that stays in your desktop for as long as the software is installed. In the new version, you’ll be free of that widget along with the annoying screen that used to pop up every 5 minutes telling you that your information is safe thanks to PSafe.

Uninstalling Psafe is not the simplest thing in the world, but it’s doable and hopefully you won’t need it.


Xangô partnered with BitDefender, voted last year by PC Magazine the best antivirus software and used by over 600 million people, a partnership that makes the efficiency certifiable and may make new users more confident to download it.  The goal is helping them against banking frauds and password thefts, a crime in which Brazil is the world leader. 2011 statistics showed that about R$700 million were stolen from Brazilian bank accounts by hackers using online information and password fraud.

Along with the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 techniques that came with the update, came the capacity to detect and remove unapproved trials to access your personal information and prevent the infection against finding virus that are not yet registered in the antivirus database. When suspicious behavior is noticed in the system, a search for specific characteristics of preloaded existents virus families runs and looks for malwares which makes the protection more successful.


The company also offers other two products while downloading or installing the Antivirus. The PSafe LockBox is a common cloud computing server where you can upload your files and access them from anywhere in the world. This service is only free for a 2GB storage plan. The differential is the safety guaranteed by the main software, the Antivirus. PSafe Turbo promises to improve your machine performance and the services included are: cleaning cookies, history and recycle bin files, limit for download/upload speed and internet accelerator. The PSafe Busca Segura (Portuguese for PSafe Safe Search) tool is automatically installed with the Antivirus.

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