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5 Best VPN Software: Open Any Blocked Site

If you are someone who has a virtual private network over the net, or wants to have one, it is very important that you know about these five best VPN software which is absolutely free to use. First of all, you need to know what exactly a virtual private network is. A virtual private network, or in short a VPN is a network that allows the user to extend a private network of systems over a public network such as the internet. A VPN software is a software that will allow the user to connect to a foreign server via an IP address that does not belong to the user himself. Using a VPN software, the user is able to connect to any remote location in the world without risking his or her identity in any way.

There are many VPN software which you can use. There are those that will enable you to only choose a server, while others may give you additional features, such as checking the current speed of the network, facility of tracing route, changing the IP address without disconnecting and so on and so forth. Which one should you choose? Which VPN software is safe for you? Check out the list of 5 most recommended VPN software.

The five best virtual private network software available are as follows:


best VPN software

UltraSurf is a one of the best VPN software available which helps you to surf anonymously. Ultrasurf is a free and powerful application  which is simple to use too. When the user launches the application from his or her computer, the application shows three lights that indicate the status, with the respective speeds displayed alongside them. You are free to choose from any of these. You can also manipulate the IE and specify a manual port, so that you can forward this port with a router. The reason why I recommend Ultrasurf mostly is unlike other VPN providers, Ultrasurf connect to the sever in seconds and you can start surfing easily.

CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost vpn
Cyberghost vpn

CyberGhost VPN is another very useful free VPN provider and certainly the second best VPN software that you can use to mask your online identity. Suppose your identity is a license plate of a car. This is easily traceable back to you. CyberGhost VPN changes this to just another regular piece, which is untraceable and unidentifiable to other internet users and website operators. Recommended by many users, CyberGhost VPN is safe and secure.


VPN software

SecurityKiss is one more alternative to SecurityKiss and Ultrasurf. SecurityKiss allows you to access the internet in spite of local restrictions and censorship.  It secures the connection of the user and at the same time, also prevents others to view the web browsing history, downloads, instant messages, credit or debit card information and other such information of the user. Using this tunnel, you will be able to keep your credit card details, passwords, online shopping information and other important details 100% secured.


Open blocked sites

Spotflux is yet another top rated free encryption VPN software that helps the user route internet traffic via a succession of secure servers. It is almost like a guardian angel. This helps to mask the IP address of the user and makes it impossible to trace the connection back. This VPN software provides you with a unique installation wizard with a wide variety of features and downloadable applications. It is easy, simple and effective.



OpenVPN ranks fifth in the list of best VPN softwares. OpenVPN features full version of SSL VPN encryption. It executes OSI 2 or 3 layer network of secure extension. It makes use of the standard TLS/SSL protocol and supports variable methods of client authentication. This is a software that will provide you with a very wide variety of options for controlling the layers of security that you want. This is across platform application and installs easily on any computer.

Other VPN Software Providers

Apart from these five best VPN software, however, there are other VPN software providers who allow you to use their VPN software for anonymous browsing like Tor Browser. HotShield VPN is another VPN software you can give a try. You can use these software not only to be an anonymous ghost in the world of internet, but also use it to protect all your data and crucial information safe from malicious hackers. The only problem with using a VPN Software is that it slows down the entire browsing process. However you can speed up the internet using reading the following articles:

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Recommend the best VPN Software that you have used

I have recommended the best VPN software that I have used. I would also like to recommend NordVPN for expats. Share with us which VPN software do you prefer to use and why do you recommend it to other users? 

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