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Best Sites to Listen to Music Online

Listening music online has never been such a fun as it is today. More and more websites are coming up every now and then that let you listen music online. These sites to listen to music online for free offer many different features through which you can access the website easily. The music databases make you search for the song you wish to hear by typing the name of artist or the song itself. Many of the websites provide you the feature to create your own playlists and save up your favorite songs. But, it can be a daunting task to find the best websites to listen to the music online when user is struck in a question: what is the best site to listen to music online? Here is a list of best sites to listen to music online:

best site to listen to music

Founded in 2006, allows all its users to listen to the free music online by creating their own playlists. The playlist you create can also be shared with your friends through various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. In addition, you can also view the playlists of other people as well. The sound quality of the website is incomparable. is among the topmost online music sites that allow downloading free music as well as listening to the music online. Once you search for a particular artist, the site will showcase the radio stations that include that artist. If you own a Smartphone, tablet or Xbox, app can be downloaded easily. The website keeps the track of all the songs you listen.

Founded by Rusty Hodge, is a listener-supported music station that supports every genre of music. It encompasses eighteen different radio stations that can be played the whole day. This internet supported radio station is a complete entertainment package for all the enthusiasts that like to get updated with latest songs and albums. offers the complete music directory spanning all the genres from around the world. On the basis of the feedback given by the users, professionals have upgraded the search feature of the website that filters the search results. There are diverse sorting options such as genre, station name, number of listeners and the like. From the single server of, you can easily streamline multiple stations at a same time.

Jango is a free music streaming station that makes it easy and simple for you to listen to the music online through your system. All you need is continuous internet connection to access the site. On the basis of the artists you choose, you can even customise the radio stations. The uniqueness of this station is that others can listen up your radio stations as well as you can peep into their stations as well. This is the reason that it remains as the most popular music playing station.

This online music search engine lets the users to listen to any song of their choice from the million of tracks. You can search the songs, play them and can create a playlist containing all those songs. In fact, you can bookmark your favourite songs for your benefit. The songs can be shuffled as well as repeated. The visual appeal of the site is well marked by the audio features.

Through, user can access over 70,000 radio stations all over the world. It covers various fields such as podcasts, concerts or interviews. There are about 2,000,000 podcasts present on the website that works for entertaining the users. is also available as an app for the Smartphone and tablets for various platforms such as Samsung, Google TV, Logitech and many others.

This internet radio service offers various features that allow all the users in creating stations containing their favorite songs. The users can even discover new artists through the refined search option. This is the reason that most of the people today prefer this web site due to its full functionality.

This website to listen to music online for free is open source software. It offers various genres such as pop, jazz, rock music and other genres. The website offers real time playing accompanied with good graphics. It is capable enough in playing various tracks back-to-back.

Designed with user-friendly interface, Grooveshark offers an exceptional experience to all its users. This website is among the all other websites to listen to music online for free. Users can listen to the most popular tracks, commercial music and rarest songs easily through this interface.

Deezer offers optimum number of songs for all its users which they can listen, download as well as share among their friends through social networking sites. You can easily access the site and can listen to unlimited tracks easily. You can even listen to the music offline.

These are some of the best sites to listen to music online. Among all these top sites to listen to Music Online, 8Tracks and are considered to be the best due to their high speed and frequent songs updates. So, choose the site you think is the best for you and get going with latest music collection.

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