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AT&T Galaxy Note review

AT&T Galaxy Note

A powerful next release after the Nexus from Samsung, the AT&T Galaxy Note is one of its kinds, which can be called a ‘super-phone’. Though a few features of it are the traditional low key features, which are thought to be pulling down the quality of the phone, like the stylus and the task manager, it’s simply the innovative style of the company and its designers that those low grade features have been turned to the positive aspect or the USP of the phone. It is one of those AT&T phones which can make the Android lovers go gaga. But, the 5.3” display of the phone makes it the ‘not for everyone’ kind of phone in the market. Here is the review of the AT&T LTE version of the phone, which will cost you apparently $300. Check out if this big macho device is just made for you or not.

AT&T Galaxy Note Hardware

Every phone has to be reviewed on the very first aspect of hardware. And when you name the Galaxy Note in this section, the first thing which comes in mind is the 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display. Though it makes the phone calls from the device a bit difficult, but when you consider the other aspects of the hardware and performance you are surely going to consider revisiting the 4-inch devices of yours, which till date have been considered by you as the best. With excellence in every section of the hardware, the AT&T Galaxy Note consists of 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage. And not only that, it has got the micro SD card slot in it for the expendable memory. If some more detailed description is still needed for proving the excellence of your phone, then the AT&T Galaxy Note offers 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0+HS support for long range communication and transfer of data, with a GSM, EDGE, and GPRS support ( 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ (850/1900/2100MHz) and LTE (Band 4 and 17). The AT&T version has got the dimension of the device same as it was internationally released (146.85 x 82.95x 9.65 mm) and weighs 183Oz, which is a bit on the heavier side.

AT&T Galaxy Note Camera

At&t Galaxy Note
At&t Samsung Galaxy Note

With an 8 MP camera with LED flash able to capture a picture quality of 1080/30 fps, AT&T Galaxy Note is the best capturing device you can have in the Android, plus there is this 2Mp front facing camera for video chat. You can go for the auto adjustment to make the camera adjust the light, color and brightness on its own to make the snap shot better than ever.

AT&T Galaxy Note S Pen

You may think it to be the general stylus kind of thing, but to be very precise it is not at all a stylus. This is, as per Samsung, is an S Pen. This is a battery free capacitive and pressure sensitive plastic wand, based on the Wacom technology. There is a small button (though hard to decipher in the black S pen coming along with the black devices) which you can use for various purposes. Like you can press the button or hold on to it over the screen to have a screen capture. You can also use it for a gesture as in Android, like hold and swipe for Menu and etc. This S Pen can be used to do anything and everything over the device, making it an essential substance for the AT&T Galaxy Note.

AT&T Galaxy Note Call quality

With a device that you have to hold on to your head, if you want to make a call through it, you are going to be very much conscious about this. So the only way is the speakerphone, which is of excellent quality. With the device providing brilliant and un-interrupted signal, the speakerphone tops it up with the clarity of the voice on the other side. The only thing is that the speakerphone opening is on the same side as that of the stylus making it a bit difficult to locate the stylus without looking at it. Other than this, AT&T Galaxy Note has all features in its favor.

AT&T Galaxy Note Software and battery life

AT&T Galaxy Note runs on the TouchWiz’d versions of the Android Gigerbread-2.3.6, making it extremely light for the device to run. There are apparently no complaints over the software, leaving alone those factors of getting some app buttons very tiny and etc. Talking about the battery life, there is a giant residing under the battery cover. The 2500mAh is huge in comparison to any other Smartphone though a bit on the lower side on the run-down test, lasting only eight hours and eight minutes.


To conclude, it can be said that the AT&T Galaxy Note is a manageable kind of phone, though with a big dimension of its own. Again with the high signal strength providing you with an average download speed of 22mbps and upload of 12mbps, this is one device that you would like to have with you for a long time. With the easy availability and affordability, this AT&T Galaxy Note is going to surely rule the market as it is one of the best that you can have.

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