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7 Best Antivirus To Protect Your Smartphone From Viruses

Installing anti-virus software’s on smart phones is one of the wisest and most crucial decisions to be undertaken for smart-phone users. With buying and enjoying the smart phones with all the multi-facilitated features also follows the responsibility of high level maintenance. Since, the phone is exposed to a lot number of websites, chat boxes, games and hosts of other applications which secretly carry a lot of viruses with them.  The impact of virus is such that one virus can destroy your whole operating system and destroy all your important files. Therefore, we recommend you to maintain the phone by installing 7 best anti-viruses that can save your phone from all the negative and harmful elements.

7 Best Antivirus To Protect Your Smartphone From Viruses

Norton Antivirus


To start off with, Norton is well known antivirus software for computers and it’s equally good for smart-phones as well.  It protects the Android phones and tablets from theft, loss, malware and viruses.  The premium version of the software comes with a one year subscription for about 30 Dollars. However, we recommend you to install the trial version for your comfort and safety.

McAfee Antivirus and Security

An award winning antivirus protects the phone from malwares and harmful viruses. Additional features include, location, restoration (of files) and alarm options. Comes with a 14 day trial version and after that one has to purchase the premium feature to enjoy continuous facility of this antivirus.

AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus

Along with providing good maintenance to your phone, Avast also helps the user locate his/her lost phone through a web based phone locate feature. Installing it is totally free and it has other handy tools like app manager, fire wall, network meter for other web oriented security and safety purposes.


The mobile security features involve scanning of applications, settings, files, media, kills tasks that slows the system. Additional features involve App locker, SIM lock, Camera Trap and app backup.


Upon installation of the software, it immediately scans your device for protection against any viruses. It also ensures that while updating any application you do not carry any virus in your system. The memory storage is around 14 MB to 15 MB. It has a trial period of 15 days.


Famously launched for android specific smart phones, this one is an easy to use antivirus.  Suitable for any device. Installation is free and works flawlessly well with HTC.


Free antivirus which easily takes care of the virus lurking hidden inside your Smartphone. Performs a detailed scan of your full system. Immediately checks which application is accessing your personal information and detects the malicious programs, sends alerts and many more option made available to the user.

Here are top 7 antiviruses which are commonly used by Smart-phone users. Install the trial version and get to know of it’s performance but do maintain the richness and quality of your system by installing a anti-virus and security program.

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