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5 Tips to Traveling in Europe on a Budget

Traveling Europe is almost always part of anyone’s bucket list. It’s the ultimate dream for anyone. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Europe? The intricate and historical architecture, the food, the people, and the landscape. There’s a lot to love about the place which makes it a very popular tourist attraction.

Travelling across Europe may come in as a bit hefty to some. From flights to accommodation, and cost of living, everything is elevated. This guide will share 5 tips on traveling Europe on a budget. From finding the cheapest accommodation to saving on transportation using free coupon codes when driving with Uber, all of those and more to be discussed down below. Let’s go!

  1. Choose homestays over hotels

Your choice of accommodation will eat a big chunk of our budget. If you want to be practical, you can ditch the expensive hotels and opt for homestays instead. Finding cheap lodging when you travel isn’t all that hard. Planning in advance is the key. Staying in budget relies mainly on following a strict travel agenda. Something you have to do months before your trip.

The cheapest accommodation you could possibly have is by staying with someone you know. Got a close friend or relative within the area? Ask them for a hospitality exchange and you’ll never know, you might be in for a free stay! If that’s not an option, try looking at local homestay booking sites like AirBnb, Couchsurfing, Hospitality Club, and Stay4Free. They have a wide selection of places offered by locals, and they’re all definitely tons cheaper than a hotel, hostel, or an inn.

  1. Ride cheap

The rise of the sharing economy definitely paved way for cheaper transport. Take advantage of Rideshare apps like Uber to get free rides. Just look for coupon codes online and see where it applies, then off you go.

You can also take advantage of Europe’s public transport. The bus systems in Europe are getting incredibly competitive and convenient these days. You can even purchase tickets in advance to get discounted rides. When traveling around, it’s important to get multi-day tickets that allow you to travel the entire network of a bus line. This takes away the worry of budgeting for your every stop and lets you explore different cities more comfortably.

  1. Bring your own water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated whenever you travel. But unfortunately, bottled water costs a lot in a lot of cities in Europe. In some places, a bottle of milk is even cheaper than a bottle of drinking water. Take heed of this tip, as this will save you a lot of money. You can refill your bottle in restaurants and malls, public food courts, and even taps.

  1. Eat cheap

Places that are flocking to tourists are a money trap. All the restaurants and food vendors charge so high. Avoid this by heading to the local markets instead. It’s cheaper and you won’t miss out on the delicious local flavors too. Markets in Paris are a haven of fresh bread and cheese. Italian markets are home to delicious pizza, pasta, and olive dishes. It’s a great way to enjoy all the yummy local flavors at low prices.

Aside from getting your gastronomic fix at local markets, try heading to the largest university around as well. The strips around it cater to students who are usually on a tight budget. So restaurants and stores around universities offer reasonable prices.

  1. Research for free attractions

Complete your Eurotrip by visiting free attractions. Research is the key. If you’re staying for more than a week, schedule your trips such that you visit popular attractions when they’re being offered for free. Also look for parks and museums that offer free admission. There are tons. The Louvre in Paris offers free admission on first Sundays. The Prague Castle is free at all times. And the Vatican museum is free for all every last Sunday of the month. You see, you don’t have to pay for everything you experience in Europe. Save up, research, and enjoy your travels!

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