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5 Reasons Why Usage of LED Bulbs are Increasing

It’s a fact that across the world, the usage of LED bulbs (Light bulbs using Light Emitting Diodes) is increasing at a significant rate year-on-year. Is it a Government plot? Is it some evil multi-national conglomerate take-over plan? No. Here are five simple and valid reasons why there’s a revolution in the way we light out world.

LED bulbs
LED bulb

LED bulbs use less energy than conventional light bulbs

LED bulbs use only between 2 and 17 watts of electricity. Compared to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting– also known as energy saving bulbs) LEDs use only a third of the power to obtain the same brightness. Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs use about thirty times less power. These are not marginal savings. As a quarter of a home’s average electricity Bill is composed of lighting costs, then real savings can be made in utility bills by switching to LED bulbs.

LED bulbs do not give off any heat

An LED bulb does not work like an incandescent bulb where the light is created from a filament in a vacuum, or in a gas as in a CFL bulb. The LED emits what is called solid state light from a piece of solid matter called a semiconductor. The LED produces light when electrons move within the semiconductor structure. The structure is composed of a positively charged component and a negatively charged one. The positive part has holes and the negative part electrons waiting to be activated. Upon switching the bulb on, there is a flow of electrons through the holes into the positive component. As they pass through, the electrons become agitated or excited, and give off light.

Last longer than other light bulbs

Some of the latest LED bulbs are expected to last a quarter of a century. With no moving parts or heat to cause breakdown, LED bulbs will last more than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. That not only means savings in that you will rarely have to buy replacement LED bulbs, but it also means you don’t have to spend time and effort climbing up ladders and fiddling around removing old bulbs and screwing in new ones. You can reckon on your LED bulb lasting up to ten times longer than a CFL bulb, and at least fifty times longer than an incandescent bulb.

LEDs are less harmful to the planet

Not only do LED bulbs benefit the planet because they use less power and therefore less electricity, a lot of which is created by using carbon-producing fossil fuels, but they contain no mercury unlike compact fluorescent lights, helping to cut the rate of dangerous mercury absorption into the environment.

The price of LED bulbs is becoming cheaper

Initially the cost of LED bulbs was very high. As manufacturers compete for business, and the technology used in LED manufacture becomes more advanced, the cost is coming down, along with the types of LED bulbs available. They now include dimmable bulbs, as well as coloured bulbs and bulbs in all shapes and sizes.

Some people have been put off replacing their lighting with LED bulbs because of the relatively higher cost. But because LEDs last longer and use less power, you will very quickly recoup the initial outlay in energy savings and not having to replace bulbs again for a long time.

Have you seen the light yet? LED is the future of lighting and the sooner you make the switch, the better for you!

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